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The Master Piece / Abraham Moon bags are fantastic. It doesn't help that I'm currently looking for a new alpine pack... I'm imagining hiking up Mt. St. Helens with the 'Over' lol. Could either the 'Over' or the 'Tenor' hold a 15" laptop a la the Mac Book Pro?
Thanks, Mike. Just pulled the trigger. I was surprised when I got home from work yesterday and couldn't find the page -- I really have been looking forward to these.
I believe that's only available for special order.I take a size 30 in the Walts, Garands, and Driggs in some fabrics. I recently took delivery of some cotton drill Driggs in 30 that jesus christ feel like 28s or 29s to me.
Seeing that Crescent shirt reminds me I need to wear my Niche Comodo shirt more often.
Guys, guys, guys... Did the indigo sea canvas Garand already sell out!? :-( The link in the newsletter directs me to the speckled chambray Garand, and the only sea canvas I can find on the site search is the Rivet Chino.
Those indigo sea island cotton Garands on IG look great. Looking forward to those. What'll the weight be like? Heat waves are here early in Oregon this year. Also, a suggestion to your website guys -- can we use the Escape key to close the newsletter prompt when you first hit the site as an unauthenticated user? It's annoying having to move to the mouse or tap the screen to get rid of that.
I'm not going to go in on the pre-order because I already have the OG Tyrol ;-) but I think a chamois/crepe sole would be great. It's the one thing I think would move my upcoming reverse chamois Ironsides from a good idea to a great one.
^ Envelope style pockets would be truly excellent for such a jacket.
Would the streaky cotton-linens be fine going through the wash?
"Crowd Pleaser". I LOL'ed. These have the standard details for each cut, right? Walt == no coin pocket, Driggs == button-thru coin pocket? (I find that detail incredibly useful for me these days)
New Posts  All Forums: