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So what are these trainers in the model pics of the Reigning Champ sweats? They are intriguing. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/reigning-champ-sweatpant-heather-grey
Looks a lot like an admiral's peacoat. Not too long.I agree that the shoulder patch seems a bit off. If it weren't hanging off the body of the coat I would be fine with it. The overall jacket is fine to me. Seems like a detail that I could change my mind on, though, when seen in person. Who makes it?
You could Atelier Heschung. Maybe the Hetre?http://www.heschung.com/en/147-f-w-14-men
And I took the same size because with one size down I found the thighs too tight for my taste and I wanted something a bit looser. Yeah I'll have to use a belt but eh.Different strokes.
Took me a minute but this is the post I was referring to earlier. Emphasis is mine. This was a post in mid April.
Was this a Gitman Bros. shirt? If so, didn't a few people have issues with the sleeve width? I think Mike has done something to address that.Other people have brought up issues with the length, as well, and Mike posted about this recently with a possible solution that seems to be working out so far.Basically, I feel like Mike has responded to these two issues as best as he realistically can. I'm not even talking about my own experiences here, as I did have not ordered a...
Holy necroposting. Firstly, I have an Ayling peacoat from 2009 that I'm looking to move. Check sig. Secondly, any news pertaining to Krane Design? I used to see Ken's K by Krane bags on Gilt on occasion, but not much from his mainline. I still think an Emory bomber would be great, and I liked that one burgundy leather jacket from SS14.
That navy basketweave Rock.
The email link doesn't work for me whether I am logged in or not. Agreed its not a big deal -- I didn't feel like bringing it up for a long while -- but it is something I've noticed from my first order at the beginning of the year. Whenever your guys get around to it.
Question. For every shipment confirmation email I get from NMWA, there is a link to the UPS site for tracking my package. It has the UPS package #. Clicking on that link has ALWAYS given me an error in raw XML. I have to copy and paste the tracking # manually. Anyone else see this?
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