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You should look at the product images for some of the other cutaway collar shirts.
I do this semi-regularly, actually. I do turn it inside out so the terry loops don't get messed up.
I continue to wonder how so many shirts falling apart. I've had no issues with mine.
Picked these up direct from 3sixteen.com. Wore them for a few hours at home, and then waffled on whether I should return them. Waited too long, and now I'm past the return window. http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/denim/products/sl-120x-straight-leg-shadow-selvedge-denim I've since decided that I would need a size 31 in the SL cut, so if someone has a pair of SL-120X in size 31 in similar condition, I'd consider a trade. Otherwise, it's yours for the asking...
S I have a question about the side-tab trousers. Since the tabs are supposed to be used to cinch the waist tighter, are the trousers cut larger in the waist to compensate? Just curious, because the size 30 fits me a little more snugly, and I'm wondering if I could compensate by going to a 32.
Navy hopsack w side tabs so I can get my suit the way I want it.
No problem. Starch would also help, though I prefer not to use it.
There's an Ask a Question, Get an Answer thread -- use that next time Try ironing it while it's still damp or moist. Should help with the wrinkles.
Sold. Forgot I still had these.
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