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I'd love to see some alternative pants. I've been buying Our Legacy's Relaxed Trousers lately because they don't fit into the chino camp or the traditional trousers camp. Those fleece pants as described are a must, and possibly even those garment-dyed pants based on the RC shape. A hoodie would be nice, but I'm not a huge fan of two-way zips. They had better be quality enough that they don't get stuck. Sweatshirt would be great provided the neck is looser as tonio and...
Drivers and other service reps can write in whatever they need to, but, yes, there are preset choices.EDIT: That said, I work for a different freight company and got curious, so I logged into our internal system to see what we have as options -- lo and behold, there are multiple accident-related presets, so who knows! Maybe UPS does have that as a preset. Which is scary.
I asked a Korean friend about this, and she checked a few articles from the Korean media. Nothing that the Portland papers hadn't already covered. Good for Nau, I guess.
^ Really? Source? EDIT: Never mind, found a few. http://www.malakye.com/asp/front/CMSPage.asp?TYP_ID=4&ID=6042 Black Yak.
I do not know why I want to grab a pair of the superfine charcoal birdseye. I mean, I have a pair of the last charcoal birdseye you guys ran a few years ago. They look almost identical. But still, I want another pair.
Just got the Lazio polo in the navy interlock. Love it. Please do another run in other colors! (the speckled pique is awesome, but I can't say I'd see myself wearing it, so I'll just admire it from afar)
Yes, the Sterlingwear Authentic is lined in the sleeves.
Here it is: http://www.styleforum.net/t/144305/mega-peacoat-thread-61-threads-merged-all-peacoat-questions-here/5010_30#post_6066028
Don't know much about the dyeing process or how well that fabric will do with dyeing, but at this point you might as well try, right?
^ I think the model looks retarded, trying to button the wrong buttons.
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