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You could sell the hoods to other Memory owners. What size? ;-)
Portland? I'd do Seattle, too.
^ White as you imagine looks good. Chambray and other heathered fabrics, not so much -- although that may be because most of my chambray shirts are blue. I do have a shirt in a light blue horizontal microstripe that works well. Like I said, still trying to figure it out.
I like them a lot.The sea canvas feels like a lighter alternative to denim for the summer. (Though for as brutal as summer has been in Oregon this year, it hasn't seen a ton of wear.) Crisp, but not "raw" crisp. They were noticeably softer after the first wash, though, so I imagine they'll just become more comfortable as time goes on.The fabric stands out and I'm still working on pairing shirts to it.It definitely reminds me of the ocean and I've worn them (or wanted to...
I feel like the Indigo sea canvas was the same way. I got the Garand last month and after the first wash the fabric definitely tightened up a bit. Net result was that the leg shrank a bit in length but generally feels slimmer. Top block feels about the same.
Ahh. I don't think I've ever placed an order that didn't have free shipping. And no, for returns I've always received the full amount I paid.
I'll play. I've had a few missteps in several years of buying from Epaulet, but generally speaking the crew has done a good job rectifying issues or, at the very least, taken returns. Agree with budapest12 that you should contact the store before airing grievances.You could consider having the Driggs altered.Finally, you pay for shipping unless there's something actually wrong. I *think* you don't pay shipping on exchanges, but again -- check with the store.
Is the moleskin the same fabric as last year's offering? Noticed the small price drop and am happy about that.
Wear the "conservative" one to the ceremony and the other to the reception.
Only if you tweak the photos so they look garnet instead of orange. (Go, Cocks.)
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