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Check that out.
My bad -- I messed up the quotes.To clarify, I'm not interested in Everlane's pool towels because of lack of knowledge or experience of the product. It is because I have zero need or want for pool towels right now. I have a nice pool towel. I don't need another. I'd be down for a robe, though.I don't think this is Everlane's vision. Look at the page title of everlane.com: "Modern Basics. Radical Transparency." That tells me more about what Everlane is trying to do than...
Turkish towels are expensive. Everlane seems to price them lower than other retailers. I'm not interested in the towels, but I think they fit with Everlane's vision.I don't see how poplin shirts are such a directional change from cashmere and oxfords. Care to explain?
Alternative? Don't lose things.
5933.1 + 19.6 = 5952.7
Just received the navy tonal madras shirt in a Small. Is it just me or has the fit been tweaked? I am using, for comparison, the last shirt I bought from Epaulet's mainline -- the small buffalo check flannel shirt from several years ago that came out of one of the StyleForum polls. I know the details have changed a tiny bit, but this shirt really does feel a little more relaxed (in a good way) than the flannel. Part of me is thinking its the difference in fabric weights,...
Cool, will definitely need to explore those other places. I've only been to the Ricker restaurants since moving here.
Went to Sen Yai last week for dinner. We had a couple of things. The stewed duck leg was really good.
Just picked up a pair of the Alden Chromexcel bluchers. They fit great and they look fantastic. I really like the color depth on the leather. What would you guys recommend from your 'shoe care' section to go with these? I already have shoe trees and a brush, but I only have polish for some dressier shoes.
They work for both quite well.
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