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That's cool. I'm mostly interested in the length because for some reason they look shorter. Maybe it's the rounded points. Just curious since there's no info on them in that collar styles graphic y'all have on the special order pages.
Are the collar spread and point length on the New Bond collar the same as the standard button-down collar?
^^ button collar as well. Went crazy with collars last time
^ Yup. Same here. And I'm pretty sure I found an image of that pattern made up, which is doubly exciting -- I always have a hard time visualizing larger patterns in MTO shirts. Mille grazie, Mike.
Must know which ones are madras. My favorite shirt from Epaulets all time is the blue madras from 2? years ago
That wallet in yellow will be super boss
^ I really should drop by Woodlands, thanks kixslf
Anyone recommend a good place here to get custom shirts? Would be primarily dress shirts for work and play.
What's the hand like? I've never looked into wool-silk-linen.
The Master Piece / Abraham Moon bags are fantastic. It doesn't help that I'm currently looking for a new alpine pack... I'm imagining hiking up Mt. St. Helens with the 'Over' lol. Could either the 'Over' or the 'Tenor' hold a 15" laptop a la the Mac Book Pro?
New Posts  All Forums: