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Just got the EPLA grey Kurabos. Very nice. Mike, I'd recommend you guys take another photo of the front of the jeans, though, since it seems you guys are using a different top button than what's on the site. I was a big fan of the flower petal design.
I always thought shirts like this with the pocket lower on the torso were more practical, but just couldn't get over how weird they looked in product photos. But on an actual person it looks just fine. Very cool.
Email Mike about it. contact@epauletnewyork.com.
If you don't mind all synthetic, the heattech vneck shirts from uniqlo serve very well. Deep v works well for unbuttoned shirts, the long sleeve versions are 3/4 length, and they come in other colors if you want to try the non white route.
Do you guys currently have any black wool fabrics available for MTO Walts? A tropical wool or hopsack. I seem to remember some being available maybe last year...
Personally, I've become a fan of the look you get with a shawl-collared cardigan/jacket left open and unbuttoned. The Kamigata seems to riff on that nicely.
G&L Twill Kamigata.
^ Pretty much. We had about a dozen at mine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Take_Our_Daughters_and_Sons_to_Work_Day
I'd like to see the noragi over a collared shirt, or maybe as a midlayer. Any takers among the noragi owners?
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