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Is the moleskin the same fabric as last year's offering? Noticed the small price drop and am happy about that.
Wear the "conservative" one to the ceremony and the other to the reception.
Only if you tweak the photos so they look garnet instead of orange. (Go, Cocks.)
Speaking of Alden makeups, any update on the Ironside Alt Wiens?
I'm sure Mike or Dylan or someone else would be more than willing to help you figure out your sizing, but you'd have to be more specific. "Happy with both fits"? Do you wear your tees and the Doyle jacket tight? Or loose?From what I've seen Epaulet tries to keep sizing across their lines consistent.You could try buying and returning the OTR shirts just to get the fit down, since they are very close to the Individualized shirts.
That's cool. I'm mostly interested in the length because for some reason they look shorter. Maybe it's the rounded points. Just curious since there's no info on them in that collar styles graphic y'all have on the special order pages.
Are the collar spread and point length on the New Bond collar the same as the standard button-down collar?
^^ button collar as well. Went crazy with collars last time
^ Yup. Same here. And I'm pretty sure I found an image of that pattern made up, which is doubly exciting -- I always have a hard time visualizing larger patterns in MTO shirts. Mille grazie, Mike.
Must know which ones are madras. My favorite shirt from Epaulets all time is the blue madras from 2? years ago
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