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I'd really like to see the full model shot of the Canadian coat in the RG banner. :-] EDIT: Hell, I just want the Canadian coat. Also the purple sweaters look quite nice.
Thanks, I figured this would be the case. I just haven't handwashed something new besides denim in years, so it was a bit surprising.
I received today the paprika EPLA shirt. I'll echo the sentiment that you should probably size up from your EPNY size. I wanted to wear it tomorrow, but wanted it to drape a little better than it did right out of the box, so I handwashed it. I noticed while doing so that a small amount of the orange dye came out of the shirt into the water. I rinsed and wringed it a few times until it ran clear, but I was wondering if this was something we needed to be aware of for the...
I'll be nice.
I missed when this happened! Did anything else change, Mike? I think the last EPNY shirt I got was the navy plaid madras from last spring, so that's my comparison. EDIT: Was this a 2013 or 2014 shirt? lolhttp://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/buttondown-collar-navy-tonal-madras
You might also want to see the accompanying NMWA garment bag
Goddamnit. :-/ You know the one. Beautiful coat. Just had it delivered today, and a little too small for my liking. Will trade for a size IV or sell for the price I paid of 742.50. Either way I'll cover shipping within the US. I might consider international as well for a slight extra charge. We'll see. I would prefer a trade, though... as I love the coat. EDIT: Added photos. EDIT: SOLD (for 742.50, for future reference)
Not seeing the black Lothiers (?)... only the Corde suede. Am I missing something?
Speaking as a Gamecock alum, it's definitely not a neutral color. ;-) good luck tomorrow. Hopefully one of the teams in SC can pull through this weekend.
Speckled chambray up.
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