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I asked about this too last week,Adele said "I'd imagine pretty soon, hopefully before end of the year."
^ while I personally keep a zip lock bag, I've seen a number of toiletry bags that come with small clear internal bags for that purpose. I do have a separat dopp kit for road trips when I don't have to worry about nonsense like airport security and can carry a few more items.
I liked Ted Gioia's aptly-named "The History of Jazz".
So I've discovered that I really, really prefer higher rises. They're just so much more comfortable. I had a suit made locally last year where the trousers sit easily one inch higher than any of my Walts, and found that great. It has a long tab, similar to these -- and it looks really clean, especially since it doesn't have belt loops, and especially nice under a jacket. I like the taper of the Driggs cut, but like others I find it too low-rise for my taste. A Walt with...
The PF shirts don't fit me as well as I'd like - sleeves are too short primarily - but then I'm tall and skinny. You should just try them on, because the shirt itself I quite nice.
Yeah, don't toss it. Get it patched or reweaved. Or make your own patch work shirt. It's too nice an overall piece to lose.
^ You could call or email about a Navy Hopsack MTO. That's what I did... Hoping to get it end of the month.
^That does look at least a size too large on you.
Use those too. :shrug: whatever works best for you!
Not paranoid. Smart.I used to have a no-dryer-policy, but when my wife does the laundry, things inevitably end up in the dryer. So I just size clothing with that in mind.These days I actually run nearly all my clothing in the dryer for about 10 minutes after wash -- most convenient way I've found of getting rid of pet hair. Then line dry the rest.
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