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Here it is: http://www.styleforum.net/t/144305/mega-peacoat-thread-61-threads-merged-all-peacoat-questions-here/5010_30#post_6066028
Don't know much about the dyeing process or how well that fabric will do with dyeing, but at this point you might as well try, right?
^ I think the model looks retarded, trying to button the wrong buttons.
^Why not just... buy a single-breasted coat?
That pole you're standing next to make you look like you're at least twelve feet tall. No joke.
The u-neck definitely has a looser neck than the crew. It's not as drastic a difference as one might expect, but its looser there. And yes, the fit in the body is pretty much what was intended, I think.
Check that out.
My bad -- I messed up the quotes.To clarify, I'm not interested in Everlane's pool towels because of lack of knowledge or experience of the product. It is because I have zero need or want for pool towels right now. I have a nice pool towel. I don't need another. I'd be down for a robe, though.I don't think this is Everlane's vision. Look at the page title of everlane.com: "Modern Basics. Radical Transparency." That tells me more about what Everlane is trying to do than...
Turkish towels are expensive. Everlane seems to price them lower than other retailers. I'm not interested in the towels, but I think they fit with Everlane's vision.I don't see how poplin shirts are such a directional change from cashmere and oxfords. Care to explain?
Alternative? Don't lose things.
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