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Yeah, don't toss it. Get it patched or reweaved. Or make your own patch work shirt. It's too nice an overall piece to lose.
^ You could call or email about a Navy Hopsack MTO. That's what I did... Hoping to get it end of the month.
^That does look at least a size too large on you.
Use those too. :shrug: whatever works best for you!
Not paranoid. Smart.I used to have a no-dryer-policy, but when my wife does the laundry, things inevitably end up in the dryer. So I just size clothing with that in mind.These days I actually run nearly all my clothing in the dryer for about 10 minutes after wash -- most convenient way I've found of getting rid of pet hair. Then line dry the rest.
Definitely depends on the fabric.I've had two cotton twills and one canvas plain weave "tighten up" measurably. For the twills, my tailor let them out in the seat to compensate. The canvas stretched back after a wear. My moleskins don't really shrink. My cotton-cashmere corduroys shrink a lot and stretch a lot.
^ Great combination, mdubs.As another posted stated, cold wash and line dry. Honestly, though, the moleskin is pretty robust. I've walked through brush in them, played touch football, camped, hiked, etc. Great for being outdoors in the cold (as long as they don't get crazy wet, since they are cotton).I have one pair, in dark green, where the dye has worn off quickly around the waistband. My camel pair are perfectly fine.
You could sell the hoods to other Memory owners. What size? ;-)
Portland? I'd do Seattle, too.
^ White as you imagine looks good. Chambray and other heathered fabrics, not so much -- although that may be because most of my chambray shirts are blue. I do have a shirt in a light blue horizontal microstripe that works well. Like I said, still trying to figure it out.
New Posts  All Forums: