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I can't speak to the bbq dinner at Han Oak, but I've been there for brunch twice -- it's wonderful. My wife likened it a brunch at a relative's (swanky) house out in the Korean countryside. Cocktails were strong, too. It's a much different take on Korean food than I've ever had in the States, and I enjoyed the diversity. I'd go for brunch again. I second Kachka and Little Bird. Has Pine Street Market calmed down at all? I went a few times in its first month and hated the...
Could you perhaps explain why the Ventile lining makes this coat better than previous iterations? Does it mean that there are essentially two water-resistant layers?
Getting ready to buy the cool water merino and possibly the olive canvas today. I saw that it's a $40 upcharge for custom orders -- how do I request that? Can I just email you guys the additional notes?
I would like to happily report that with a pair of wool long johns underneath the moleskin Walts can handle 30-40 mph winds in 37F weather on the west coast of Iceland with ease. Even the horizontal rain provided you aren't standing in it too long. Looking forward to the EFF, once I get home in two days.
Hey guys, If I were to place an order say tonight or tomorrow, would I get it by next Monday in PDX? Going on vacation on Tuesday and I don't want the box to just sit on deck for a week.
^ agree wholeheartedly. btw, sizing chart for the Valstar parka in olive is kinda screwy -- missing size 46.
I like how those moleskin pants made up. Whoever bought those -- let me know about the side adjusters. I thought I'd remembered Mike saying the moleskin was probably too thick for them...
Lost my La Portegna cardholder over the weekend. :-( Planning on buying a replacement shortly, but before I do, are there any new leather goods coming in say the next week or so?
Still waiting on mine :-/
There were blue twill Garands?
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