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I hate to pester, but whenever you guys get a chance I sent you an email yesterday regarding a return.
You'll eventually meet a character named Darby. His suits are fantastic.
Thanks, Mack. That'll likely be my next purchase, then.
Finally pulled the trigger on some camel moleskin Driggs I've been wanting to get made. I wonder what the wait time is like right now. Also, question: Is the 'Old Gold' color for the Italian cotton-cashmere MTO trouser similar to the 'Old Gold' color of the recent cotton-cashmere corduroys?
Winn Perry in Portland is closing their brick and mortar shop at the end of the year.Highly recommend you go into the shop as there's a lot of stuff that's not online. Harleys of Scotland sweaters, Begg scarves, Crescent Down Works, Scott and Charters, Falke, Apolis, etc. I think their Instagram has the best record.
To my eye open quarters help balance the effect.
I received my cotton-cash Driggs a few days ago. They are legit. At least for the heavier, more casual fabrics, I think these will supplant the Walts. Gonna have to look into one of these in moleskin soon... Thanks, y'all. I also bought one of the black gingham BDs. Is this the same fabric as the compact gingham cloth in the MTO listings? (shill) Also if anyone remembers that dove grey buffalo check shirt from last year, and wants it... I've got one BNWT in a size M.
If any of you guys are looking for something totally different, peep my sig.
Well, this accidentally ended up in a box sent to Goodwill... so if you were ever looking for this you might want to check their stores in the Portland Metro area...
If you're talking about the EPLA version, Dylan told me on Oct 10 that they were expecting the next delivery by the end of the month. I ordered one at the time of its introduction but have been patiently waiting for it.
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