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Warning crappy lifestyle photo Grey Kaiharas (second batch without the flower button) and (not visible) navy CXL belt. For context, wife and I were at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast this past weekend. She wanted to try some long exposure photos with some new kit. The weird dark effect is because her variable ND filter stopped working correctly, I think from the saltwater. The below photo, of Thor's Well, is one she took before it broke.
Try GRP. NMWA just listed a few long-sleeve banded hem polos. (they're an SF affiliate)
^ Nah, Driggs fit just feels different. Dressier than the Rivets. Do it.
Ironside Alt Wiens will have a 360 or 270 welt?
Also has anyone gotten MTO trousers in the black moleskin? Im thinking about a pair of Driggs in that for next winter and was curious about that fabric. I bet it'd look nice with a tiny bit of fade and wear.
I'm a fan. I'd love to see that motorcycle boot you previewed a while back in a tumbled black. I've found I dislike boots unless they are either Chelseas or zips.I'm also looking forward to the bullhide shoes coming soon, and if you can make it the reverse chamois alt wiens. You're really going to put the hurt on my wallet this year.
The OS shirts have been very interesting to me since you posted them in the fall. I like the Eton ones in particular.Much like another poster said earlier, my budget over the last half a year has been such that casual shirts were just not a priority (Clothing budget went primarily into a new suit and looking for a new winter coat). Come January things were good, but NMWA was in sale mode and I've burned enough money through the years on non-returnable items that it's just...
^ I tried that on in a size 2 and as someone who wears slim 38/48, occasionally 36, I found it just a bit tight. If you're a solid 36 you should be fine.
I like the Balli coat. Get that one. Just leave the liner jacket zipped into the coat.
New Posts  All Forums: