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I've machine-washed my cotton-cashmere corduroy Driggs several times now. Tumble dry for about five minutes, then hang dry for the remainder. They come out fine. They "shrink" down to tagged size, but after a few wears they are easily one size up.The fabric definitely has a lot of give -- I find belts to be absolutely necessary with this particular pair. I'm not sure a tailor would be really helpful, unless you're willing to stretch them out, then dry clean so they don't...
Got the Annua scarf and a La Portegna cardholder in the mail yesterday. Interestingly, the Annua doesn't wear nearly as warm for its bulk. That put me off at first but having worn it out now twice I think it works well for me, since I walk everywhere these days and get pretty warm pretty quick. And the La Portegna cardholder is quite nice. More people should jump on those.
You could get the sleeves lined.
I was sent a few shots from my wedding last month. The shirt, tie, PS, and shoes (black plaintoe bals) were all KW.
I'd like to see a Kudu PTB with a 270 degree sole a la the Tyrol
50% off Winn Perry today, in store.
I hate to pester, but whenever you guys get a chance I sent you an email yesterday regarding a return.
You'll eventually meet a character named Darby. His suits are fantastic.
Thanks, Mack. That'll likely be my next purchase, then.
Finally pulled the trigger on some camel moleskin Driggs I've been wanting to get made. I wonder what the wait time is like right now. Also, question: Is the 'Old Gold' color for the Italian cotton-cashmere MTO trouser similar to the 'Old Gold' color of the recent cotton-cashmere corduroys?
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