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Bought the steel gray cords in a Walt w. side-tabs. Been waiting for this fabric to come back for a long time. Gotta see if it's in my budget to get another pair of moleskins and one of the cavalry twills.
Did 8318 (bluish-gray cavalry twill) sell out already? I'm not seeing that one in the dropdown.
I doubt it's an option -- it's not listed anyway, and I think it's with a different manufacturer -- was just thinking about the shape. Could just get the Walt and have my tailor taper them a bit.
I'm actually trying to decide between Taylor and Walt. Driggs is too low rise for me. I think Walt Porto (from its description, I haven't actually seen it in person) would be ideal. It really comes down to your style, though -- I have the aluminum cotton-cashmere in Driggs and they are great (except for the low rise).Mike, I know you've said that the moleskins are too thick for side tabs. Would you say the same about any of the new fall fabrics?
I have been curious about the handmade option since I noticed it on the IS website. And the MOP buttons! Ahh Will you be able to do smoke MOP?
Noticed the "vyella style" in the pics. If they are like Viyella then yeah, those would be nice. On the 2/3 train.
Though I didn't get them during the recent EFF round, the pair of Southwicks I have had fit tighter than the corresponding Walt. Half a size or so if I had to guess.
It makes sense to me. In climates where I'm actually going to be wearing something like a linen shirt having the extra space is nice for the air flow.
I like my one wide spread BD (in the barley and rye madras fabric from this spring). Mostly due to the casual fabric I wear the shirt sans jacket, but I *really* like how the collar looks under one. I rarely wear sportcoats, but it does make the shirt a bit more versatile to my eye. I'll likely get a few more in dressier fabrics, to go with the normal wide spread collar. I don't wear ties with button downs -- and I rarely wear ties anyway -- so I can't speak to that.
+1 on using a seam ripper for removing darts. If the fabric is delicate, just go slow -- that's been my experience.
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