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^ agree wholeheartedly. btw, sizing chart for the Valstar parka in olive is kinda screwy -- missing size 46.
I like how those moleskin pants made up. Whoever bought those -- let me know about the side adjusters. I thought I'd remembered Mike saying the moleskin was probably too thick for them...
Lost my La Portegna cardholder over the weekend. :-( Planning on buying a replacement shortly, but before I do, are there any new leather goods coming in say the next week or so?
Still waiting on mine :-/
There were blue twill Garands?
Got the Frank Leder speckled green coat. Love it. Seriously. It doesn't just drape well. It flows.
Is there another Inis Meain MTO coming up? I like the winter tunic shape but not the colors. EDIT: For instance, I love the Silgo color on the boatbuilder.
I placed my order near the beginning of the summer (before the recent promo), but it didn't get sent to Individualized until July 31 or so because I had a ton of questions and requests. And got my shirts I think a week ago? About a week after David's prediction
Wanted to post a picture of these from my recent IS order. From left to right: Leggiuno gingham - so light and airy and smooth. This is the wife's favorite. Indigo chambray - Hope to wear this one quite a bit. Got a question about the order, though, gonna send it your way. I think the factory put the pocket on the wrong side. White twill, Egyptian - super nice, good audible on this one Mike. I love the single fold french cuff. Chambray oxford - Looks great. Bit lighter...
What's the rise like on the Monitaly pant?
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