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Those indigo sea island cotton Garands on IG look great. Looking forward to those. What'll the weight be like? Heat waves are here early in Oregon this year. Also, a suggestion to your website guys -- can we use the Escape key to close the newsletter prompt when you first hit the site as an unauthenticated user? It's annoying having to move to the mouse or tap the screen to get rid of that.
I'm not going to go in on the pre-order because I already have the OG Tyrol ;-) but I think a chamois/crepe sole would be great. It's the one thing I think would move my upcoming reverse chamois Ironsides from a good idea to a great one.
^ Envelope style pockets would be truly excellent for such a jacket.
Would the streaky cotton-linens be fine going through the wash?
"Crowd Pleaser". I LOL'ed. These have the standard details for each cut, right? Walt == no coin pocket, Driggs == button-thru coin pocket? (I find that detail incredibly useful for me these days)
I've two of the elastic woven belts. I originally went with a S, then decided to go with an M. Much better fit. 30-31 waist.
Did the velcro throat latch bother you guys? That's my one concern about it... Have the Navy incoming right now
You guys should fix this product page http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/white-ttx-oxford-club-collar-shirt I've looked at it twice already expecting a club collar shirt when it's really a band collar. Have fun in SF!
That's a bit of a difference. I imagine it's meant to be a looser fit than the crewneck?
I'm really happy that you guys have brought the Navy label fit back, Mike. Still my best fitting shirt from Epaulet. I hate to say that I'm not at the moment needing more shirts -- especially after the Gitman EFF -- but when I do I'll be looking at these Southwick shirts.
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