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new Inis Meain is lovely.
Just received my order w. the Taylors. The Taylor is a nice cut, feels old school in a good way. Some things you won't see in the pictures on the website: - The pocket bags are made of this rad medallion print (?) fabric. - The top closure is a button through, but not the extended style. I *think* I would prefer a slightly more aggressive taper -- but I'm not quite sure how that would pan out. In any case, I'm looking forward to a future MTO in this cut.
^ Mike says it'll be available for MTO next month
Just picked up a pair of Taylors to try out the cut -- as well as some rivet chinos, since I haven't worn those in years. Also, need to go pick up my Ironside Alt Wiens from the UPS customer center. UPS wanted someone here -- didn't help that I was out of town all last week!
^ You could maybe have the forearm slimmed down too, if you like, but definitely have the cuff size changed.
^ I was contemplating a DB either in the olive corduroy or the moleskin.
Hey... anyone else notice the Taylor trousers under "high-rise"?
^ This. I was just looking at some $130 round-trip flights to SFO this morning and thought -- man, that could be worth it if there was another trunk show...
Would ordering just odd trousers be possible?
Sitting in Pearson waiting for my flight home to Portland. Sadly I had almost zero time to explore the GTA as my work had me doing 12-14 hours every day. Went to a few local restaurants in Mississauga - the highlights of which were Adobo Café close to Dixie Rd and a Korean place called Miga. I did stop by Spier and Mackay earlier this afternoon and got measured for shirts. Jason over there was great to work with. Do hope to come back on my own time and see the town and...
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