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It makes sense to me. In climates where I'm actually going to be wearing something like a linen shirt having the extra space is nice for the air flow.
I like my one wide spread BD (in the barley and rye madras fabric from this spring). Mostly due to the casual fabric I wear the shirt sans jacket, but I *really* like how the collar looks under one. I rarely wear sportcoats, but it does make the shirt a bit more versatile to my eye. I'll likely get a few more in dressier fabrics, to go with the normal wide spread collar. I don't wear ties with button downs -- and I rarely wear ties anyway -- so I can't speak to that.
+1 on using a seam ripper for removing darts. If the fabric is delicate, just go slow -- that's been my experience.
What are the details for the Walt short again? Is it literally the Walt trousers, but with a 9" inseam? I see pictures of the Match short that explain it well enough.
So... that Monitaly geometric stripe blazer. When you say small, what do you mean? Slim? Short? And does the similar sweatshirt run true to size?
Love the barley and rye madras -- I had to go upstairs and admire mine after seeing your photo. You've also just sold me on the grey check fabric, as I've been going back and forth on that one. So thanks. Also, what's the difference between the wide spread and the artisan collars?
Can anyone speak to how the Heschungs on the Country last fit compared to, say, Alden Barrie? I wear 9.5D in Barrie if I wear thin socks only but I typically size up to 10D when wearing anything thicker, Also, y'all should fix the link in the FAQ to the How We Measure page. The link points to http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/shop/index.php/how-we-measure While the actual page is at http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/how-we-measure
Thanks, good to know. I realized the standard placket is only really bothersome to me on the lighter fabrics I've been getting lately. It's not a problem at all on my oxfords and flannel shirts.Also, has anyone ordered the robin's blue Canclini herringbone? I'd like to see that one made up.
Is it possible to get edge stitching on the Individualized shirts? Planning on ordering a few more soon in the spring/summer fabrics, but the 1/4" stitching means the placet crinkles really bad on the lighter fabrics.
Congratulations and good luck on the move, Mike. Looking forward to your LA storefront AND the West Coast trunk shows. Also, I just received my barley and rye madras shirt. Fantastic. The wide spread buttondown is perfect. And the fit is probably the best I've gotten from online MTO, certainly the closest to what I've been trying to achieve. So yeah. Awesome.
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