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Did the velcro throat latch bother you guys? That's my one concern about it... Have the Navy incoming right now
You guys should fix this product page http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/white-ttx-oxford-club-collar-shirt I've looked at it twice already expecting a club collar shirt when it's really a band collar. Have fun in SF!
That's a bit of a difference. I imagine it's meant to be a looser fit than the crewneck?
I'm really happy that you guys have brought the Navy label fit back, Mike. Still my best fitting shirt from Epaulet. I hate to say that I'm not at the moment needing more shirts -- especially after the Gitman EFF -- but when I do I'll be looking at these Southwick shirts.
The UPS tracking link in the shipping confirmation emails works now.
@tricky, long as its cotton, it's fine. I have an LBM sportcoat I've washed several times. PS On delicate cycle, of course.
^Is that the Harrington?
That Rickshaw Cart pocket square is hilarious.
That looks great, fairlynerdy.
How did you size that? I found the shoulders to be crazy narrow.
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