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I placed my order near the beginning of the summer (before the recent promo), but it didn't get sent to Individualized until July 31 or so because I had a ton of questions and requests. And got my shirts I think a week ago? About a week after David's prediction
Wanted to post a picture of these from my recent IS order. From left to right: Leggiuno gingham - so light and airy and smooth. This is the wife's favorite. Indigo chambray - Hope to wear this one quite a bit. Got a question about the order, though, gonna send it your way. I think the factory put the pocket on the wrong side. White twill, Egyptian - super nice, good audible on this one Mike. I love the single fold french cuff. Chambray oxford - Looks great. Bit lighter...
What's the rise like on the Monitaly pant?
The keyhole sweatshirt is nice, met. Thinking about that one. Maybe if my anything in my current order doesn't pan out... Kopped the frank leder soft green coat and the ts(s) jacket in navy
^ You'll look forward to that day every year though
Just got my Individualized order from July in. Oh, man. And after trying them all on I just want to order some more. I mean, that's why there are so many options, right?
I like the wallet, Mike. I typically carry a six-card holder from La Portegna, but I have been looking for something that can carry bills. I see three pockets and three slots on that wallet, am I counting right? Specifically I'm looking for a billfold in a golden yellow like my cardholder: [[SPOILER]]
Bought the steel gray cords in a Walt w. side-tabs. Been waiting for this fabric to come back for a long time. Gotta see if it's in my budget to get another pair of moleskins and one of the cavalry twills.
Did 8318 (bluish-gray cavalry twill) sell out already? I'm not seeing that one in the dropdown.
I doubt it's an option -- it's not listed anyway, and I think it's with a different manufacturer -- was just thinking about the shape. Could just get the Walt and have my tailor taper them a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: