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I remembered thinking (or maybe even posting?) that the project was such a stupid idea. Like Scott says, beans need to rest for a couple of days after roasting. And to expect a random coffee dude to become good at roasting with an all-in-one is like
Maybe the chocolate chips in it were harvested from the Jurassic Park island?
I have the original Able disk (when it was still labeled Coava) with the bigger holes. It's OK, but I'm a fran of clean coffee, so I prefer the Kaffeologie S-filter. @scottcw has said that the finer Able disk has the same pitch as the S-filter. My new favorite routine: go to hipster coffee shop to get their delicious (paleo) scone, and then walk down the block to get real, paleo coffee from Peet's. Last week, the cashier at the hipster placed asked me when I bought the...
Damn. Starbucks is bringing it. http://sprudge.com/starbucks-roastery-tasting-room-seattle.html
Doesn't Chris Despos visit Dallas regularly still? That's only about 250 miles by car.
How much sediment does the Handy brewer let through? If it's pretty clean, I might get one so I don't have to deal with paper filters.
Rusty's is even better than the Starbucks Reserve. I kid you not.
There are more interesting and better Hawaiian coffees than Kona. Kona is supposed to be mellow and boring. Try Rusty's Hawaiian for some really interesting stuff --- you can mail order it. http://rustyshawaiian.com/ It's also grown on the big island of Hawaii, but in a newly developed growing region called Ka'u. I'd try either of the red or yellow Caturras first. Note that the prices are for half-pound bags, so it's pretty expensive, but well worth it.
Me too.otc, Peet's beans will bloom a lot more than light roasted beans, so just be careful of that.
I use 15g/225g. It ends up being 15.5 or whatever I can manage to pour out accurately, and same thing with the water: I end up somewhere around 225-240.20/160 will underextract a lot but it's not a hard rule: just do what tastes best to you, and some of it depends on the rest of your process, like grind size, steep time, how much you stir.
New Posts  All Forums: