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I won't believe it's vintage until someone lights it on fire. LL cloths must have gone up in price insanely. About the only thing I recall that was near that price were their cashmeres.
Thank you, but my eyes just about popped out of their sockets when I got to the price ...
I was asking my tailor about houndstooth flannel suitings, and it seems they're pretty thin on the ground. The StyFo-grail Minnis 0656 is apparently discontinued with no lengths left, and they could locate only 1 from Harrisons, 2 from Fox, and 1 from H&S. I asked for mid- to dark-grey. Any other ideas?
If anyone wants to try a good light-roasted Indonesian, this is the one from my local roaster: http://handlebarcoffeeroasters.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/mexico-organic-chiapas-proish (Ignore the contradictory link name.)
Indonesian coffees are milled and transported a certain way, which gives them their distinctive taste, but drying on dirt, etc. really has nothing to do with the taste. I recently had one of the most amazing Indonesian coffees I've ever had from our local roaster: sweet toffee was the overriding note, with herbaceous notes sneaking in later. Here's the spec sheet from the distributor: http://www.royalcoffee.com/images/infosheets/Sulawesi%20Washed%20Toarco%20Jaya.pdf
Thank you! Yes, it's Santa Barbara, where State Street passes under the 101 freeway. Good eye! Have you visited the area? The tree is at Firestone Vineyard, right outside their tasting room.I was at Mammoth this weekend, and the snow was flying sideways! The Olympus E-M1 certainly lived up to its weatherproof spec: the camera was encrusted with frost, and just kept on going.They shut the gondola down, so we had to take a snowcat down the mountain:Another Saul Leiter...
Thanks for the 1st impressions Douglas. The RCA jacks look like board-mounted jacks, which will flex. Just don't use gorilla-grip RCA cables on them (as many audiophile cables are), and you should be OK. I also like the queueing function on the Logitech devices, and one of the 3rd party music iOS apps I have. I wish Apple would add this to their default music player.
One of the best coffees available anywhere ... if you like Peet's dark roasting style.
Yes: any #4 size filter will work, eg. Swiss Gold. That video uses the Able, I believe, which is made for pourover.
A couple of my favorites taken since my last post, both taken at my usual spot. I've also been shooting film, but I don't want to flood the thread with my pics, so I'll wait a bit.
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