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I'd do it, but I need to shop for a plaid shirt and figure out how to grow a beard first.This thread welcomes everyone with open arms from the nerds to the pod-drinkers.Yes. Serious reason: you can't measure accurately with volume because different bean varietals have different sizes and densities, eg. 1 Tsp of Yemen weighs far more than 1 Tsp of Maragogype. Also, once it's much faster to weigh out stuff than to measure. Here's a pretty cheap one that lots of people use (I...
I'm not sure I understand indesertum's explanation, but extraction is measured by the total dissolved solids in the coffee cup. Underextraction doesn't necessarily make for a weaker cup but is usually characterized by sourness, because not enough of the coffee was dissolved (or extracted from the grounds) to get more flavors that take more time and energy to extract. You can pulse or stir or both or whatever --- they're just tools to get more extraction, and the suggestion...
Whatever else you do, use the pulse method or stir the slurry vigorously as you pour, otherwise you'll have really underextracted coffee. Your ratio would have led to even more underextraction (around 8.5%?). Curious why you're using Chemex.
My CCDs have never leaked. I have dropped them and broken the little nipple thing off, but of the 3 or 4 I've had, none have leaked. The plastic seems to get brittle over time though, as I've also broken the valve nipple by washing it. Another way around the leaking is to steep your coffee elsewhere and just pour it through the CCD. I guess in that case, you could just use of the pourover cones.
I think an Indonesian coffee may suit guccihomme too. Peet's has their Sumatra Batak on sale right now. I enjoyed it the last time they offered that coffee. Stuff from the Toarco farm in that area is also excellent, and is offered by several roasters. OmniscientCause, go with a manual grinder. The powered ones are pretty noisy. Any of the ones you name will be fine, though none are great at coarse sizes, except for the OE. I don't think that's particularly important given...
It's very similar to Aeropress. So similar that it's not worth the trouble to set the whole contraption up and clean it afterwards. It does look cool though.
The French Press at their original location on State Street.Excellent, spreading the love! I didn't know Birdrock had more of that Yemeni. If anyone wants to try something really special, that Yemeni coffee is it.
I've mentioned this before, but a local 3rd wave shop remade an espresso for me after I didn't drink it for 10 minutes because I ran into a friend and we talked for a while. I didn't even have to ask --- they kind of stealthily took my cup and put another one there.
Ugh. Wilfa uses a hotplate. I can't believe a coffeemaker of that provenance and price would use something like that. Better drink all of it at once, or risk your coffee getting cooked in the carafe. Better is an insulated carafe, but even then don't let it sit around for long.
I remembered thinking (or maybe even posting?) that the project was such a stupid idea. Like Scott says, beans need to rest for a couple of days after roasting. And to expect a random coffee dude to become good at roasting with an all-in-one is like
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