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Our coffee friend and grump, Kevin Knox, writes about progressive roasting in this month's Royal Coffee newsletter. Royal's own tasters then tried it out with some very interesting results: http://links.royalcoffee.mkt6539.com/servlet/MailView?ms=MjIwNzEwNTAS1&r=ODg2Njk4MzA0MTMS1&j=NTAwMjM2NTI5S0&mt=1&rt=0 The upshot is that there is no one correct roast level. Different roast points bring out different characterisitcs of the bean, and this is just for a gross, straight...
Tom Mahon uses the Inn at Union Square. The staff there is helpful for tailors seeing clients and know how to be the receptionist for the tailor: they even recognize me from year to year, and I don't even have to say who I'm trying to see these days. The elevators are tremendously slow and somewhat unreliable, so you might have to use the stairs, which are also very narrow.
Peet's is offering their Ethiopian Supernatural starting next week for the next 3 weeks. At its best, it is sublime. Last year? Really good.
3rd wave coffee is like the cubic Borrelli shirt buttons of the coffee world. Exaggeration to the point of parody.
Hi guys, Wow, JetBlast is back! I haven't checked this thread in a while. It looks like a couple of people switched to Fuji? I tried the X100T recently, and didn't get along with it, mostly having to do with my preferences for image quality. It doesn't means it's bad, just that it's not right for me. I sold off my m43 kit, and have gone FF with a Nikon D810. My standard kit these days is the D810, Nikkor 24PCE, Voigtlander 180/4, and Sigma DP3M, along with a lightly...
If you home roast, you can try a much wider array of varietals than what most people can find in stores. Kona coffee is boring. If you want to try interesting and very good Hawaiian coffees, try Rusty's Hawaiian. The Ka'u region on the Big Island of Hawaii (where Kona is, too) has far more interesting stuff coming out of it. http://rustyshawaiian.com/ Any of their roasted coffee is really excellent.
I'd do it, but I need to shop for a plaid shirt and figure out how to grow a beard first.This thread welcomes everyone with open arms from the nerds to the pod-drinkers.Yes. Serious reason: you can't measure accurately with volume because different bean varietals have different sizes and densities, eg. 1 Tsp of Yemen weighs far more than 1 Tsp of Maragogype. Also, once it's much faster to weigh out stuff than to measure. Here's a pretty cheap one that lots of people use (I...
I'm not sure I understand indesertum's explanation, but extraction is measured by the total dissolved solids in the coffee cup. Underextraction doesn't necessarily make for a weaker cup but is usually characterized by sourness, because not enough of the coffee was dissolved (or extracted from the grounds) to get more flavors that take more time and energy to extract. You can pulse or stir or both or whatever --- they're just tools to get more extraction, and the suggestion...
Whatever else you do, use the pulse method or stir the slurry vigorously as you pour, otherwise you'll have really underextracted coffee. Your ratio would have led to even more underextraction (around 8.5%?). Curious why you're using Chemex.
My CCDs have never leaked. I have dropped them and broken the little nipple thing off, but of the 3 or 4 I've had, none have leaked. The plastic seems to get brittle over time though, as I've also broken the valve nipple by washing it. Another way around the leaking is to steep your coffee elsewhere and just pour it through the CCD. I guess in that case, you could just use of the pourover cones.
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