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Updosing something that's underextracted will cause more underextraction. All else being equal, go the opposite direction and underdose if you are getting underextraction. I think this is why I like overdosed dark roasts with boiling water.
Dark roast actually. There are two main methods for iced coffee: what I just did, which some people call Japanese-style iced coffee, and the cold-brew method where you steep in a fridge overnight with some really high brew ratio and cold water throughout. In either case, you should account for the water in the ice, and I like a 60/40 hot water:ice ratio, so the brew ratio still comes out right. Since you're extracting with less water, you may have to experiment to find...
Made my first iced coffee of the year today: my usual method of steeping in a preheated insulated container for 3 minutes, and then pouring it through a paper filter onto ice. 25 g of coffee (Peet's Sidamo), 200 g boiling water to steep, poured over 130 g of ice.
I am excited by the new Filson x Magnum photo bag collaboration: http://petapixel.com/2014/04/30/iconic-magnum-photogs-harvey-mccurry-team-make-ultimate-camera-bags/ And a photo to make up for the equipment talk:
A lot of places will roast the day before they ship. Even Peet's does that. Coffeereview.com has a good list of online roasters to order from.
I haven't had the chance yet, but the Zambia is next on my list when my home stash runs out. Had it as an in-store Clover.
I had the Zambia the other day when they ran out of the Kona. It's got a remarkable juicy acidity that's really hard to find in many other coffees. It's a really nice, balanced coffee.
Yes, the shoe company (which also does good by giving away something to a 3rd world country for every thing you buy from them), but they make the ugliest-ass shoes ever, and their logo design is really terrible. Anyway, I'm curious about the coffee because they've got an experienced roaster on board, and they're selling it for much cheaper than most other specialty coffee. Whole Foods just started carrying them.
Has anyone tried Toms Coffee yet? I would punch its face if it had one, but I'm still curious about it.
That's only 33 Instagram cents.
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