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Another coffee question: has anyone tried the coffee shot, the latest trend to hit teh hipster coffee boutiques? Basically, it's brewing drip coffee in an espresso machine and getting extractions in the mid 20 percents. Locally, G&B Coffee in LA does this, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.
FWIW, Nespresso aspires to the Italian ideal, I believe. Traditional Italian espresso tastes like a heavier, stronger coffee with none of the overwhelming acid, thick body, or lighter flavors in 3rd wave espresso. It's darker, more bitter, and just tastes like coffee. I think a lot of it has to do with the much lower dosing (
Has anyone tried this coffee maker? Some claim that it is impossible to make a bad cup of coffee with it. http://www.sowden.co/pages/softbrew/coffee.html
Some latte art pr0n ... a mocha at my local roaster.
https://www.bmwcca.org/classifieds/listings.php?make=BMW&model=1M-coupe&id=6835Because it's jet's favorite //M ever.The dude was asking for $92K in June.
So I've been trying an experiment at home to test the theory that Clevers are no good because they lose too much heat, but it gave me an idea about pB and lefty's recent coffee woes. Did the temperatures in NYC (and your homes) drop recently? I've been doing the steeping of the coffee grounds in an Espro carafe, which is a steel vacuum-insulated container, and then pouring it out into a Clever that has its valve released so it acts like a traditional pourover. The theory...
Depending on the bean, it varies from $2.75 to under $4 for the tall size. I just got the aged Sumatra today for $2.75, and I looked at the Clover, but the only thing it displays is a countdown. No temperature. The barista just tells the machine what bean he's using, and the machine sets itself up. They can make Clover coffees from the regular coffee as well as the reserve coffees. It's the reserve coffees that you want to try. The aged Sumatra is very interesting: a...
PB, couldn't you just lean over and look at the Clover's display panel to see the brew parameters?
In case anyone's wondering, we're deep in BMW minutiae land. Hope our AWD summer tires can get us out of here.
The inability to extract as much is also the explanation I've heard for not using distilled water. In practice, I don't find that it makes that big a difference (in a Clever) compared to beans and the grind.
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