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While I've been enjoying my Aeropress and the Kaffeologie S filter, I think it's making more sensitive to paper taste in my coffee. pB, I'm curious to hear about the HandyBrew. Not only the coffee, but how hard it is to clean up afterwards.
You can add a little bit of salt to coffee to mask the bitterness. I do this for really bad espressos. edit: the new Handlebar African coffees are up on their website.
The Edward Green of coffee?http://dailycoffeenews.com/2014/03/31/startup-revelator-coffee-reveals-aggressive-plans-for-southern-growth/
I'm not sure what to say about this, because this seems completely wrongheaded. There is a spectrum of flavors in a bean. Your flavor profile is composed of how you balance those flavors against each other, and that is determined by your roasting profile. It's not bringing out peak flavors, because not everything hits peak at the same time. For example, roasting deeper caramelizes flavors, but how much of that caramel flavor do you want? And how do you balance that against...
I forgot to post this, but contact Handlebar via email: handlebarcoffee at yahoo.com, and they'll help you out. You might want to wait for a week as they're changing the roast a bit based on what they learned on the first roast. The first roast, which is what I got, is kind of unusual. A week out from the roast date, and this thing is blooming like crazy when I add water now. The first week, tepid; the 2nd week, crazy foam. Taste hasn't changed appreciably. It's actually...
Yes, the original when Coava was still selling them. I get more residue with the Able.LOL. Why didn't you go full #StyFoDude on them and complain about the sewing machine on the label? You should have been, “Fatte a mano. Look it up sometime.”Anyway, Handlebar is a bit slow on putting their new coffee on their site. I'll mention it to them the next time I'm there (probably today).
I think PB and I have always said the pressure methods highlight acidity. When I want darker notes to stand out, I do CCD. I don't think the pressure in a FP is enough to matter, but since they let so much grit through, it's tough to compare them to other methods.
Never mind the odor-control coffee grounds, what about those rubberized buttons for grip? I can't tell if those are also actual working buttonholes.I tried the Kaffeologie S-filter this morning in the Aeropress, and it seems to work well and lend a bit more body to the coffee. The filter itself works very well in that I get very little grit, perhaps comparable to the Espro, but maybe even less. It definitely filters better than the Able. The thickness of the filter means...
Try the Kilenso in a CCD. The Aeropress tends to brew lighter and emphasize more acidity. I have the S-filter for Aeropress coming, and it's got a much finer mesh than the Able disk. Some grinders are also known for generating more fines than others. I don't have a specific recommendation here, but maybe Scott or Joshua might? For espresso and I would guess pourover, the fines ratio may be important for controlling the flow rate.
Handlebar fans: they're about to offer their first natural process Ethiopian, as well as their first Kenyan bean ever. I believe the Ethiopian is this one: http://www.royalcoffee.com/Products/0032543 One of the best coffees I've ever had was a natural process from the Gedeo region offered by Coffea Roasterie a few years ago, so I have very high expectations for this one.
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