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It's going to be pretty tough, if my experience from 4 years ago is any indication. Scabal used to have a very limited selection, and that's what most English tailors will use. Teh RJmanbearpig has told me that Chipp/Paul Winston has his own very slubby tussah woven up, and sells lengths of it. Loro Piana might also have something, as might Byrne and Burge.
Downtown LA right before landing at LAX on Saturday. I used an iPhone 4, and I wish I could have used the Ricoh GR instead, but there wasn't time to dig it out of my bag before the scene had passed by.
I've seen stuff from bigger roasters have variation like that too, especially lighter roasts. The coffee was still delicious. I had an amazing Kenya-process orange Caturra that's grown in the Ka'u region of Hawaii by Rusty's today. It was so well balanced: with just enough acid to make that round mouthfeel and the rest of it filled with a velvety chocolate flavor. I hope they still have some left tomorrow! Fueco, I hope you'll enjoy that Sulawesi from the Toarco farm. I...
The only BB coffee I really liked recently was their Ninety Plus Ethiopian Nekisse, and it is really fantastic --- heads and shoulders above almost anything else I've tasted from any other roaster. Unfortunately, it's expensive as heck and comes in a pretentious tin can. They make nice mochas too.
It's back: http://buy.stumptowncoffee.com/ethiopia-yirgacheffe-chelbessa.html I had this the last time they offered it, and this is what I think light roasted coffee should be like. The coffee is delivered unsealed, so be sure to use it as soon as possible, because the delicate flavors that set it apart will go away faster than most other coffees.
The 4/3 lenses are kind of huge, and you really need a camera with PDAF sensors to use them well, otherwise the autofocus is awful. I think only the M1 has those sensors right now, and even then, compared to the m43 lenses, the AF is a quite a bit slower and more hesitant. That said, I had the 4/3 Olympus 50-200/2.8-3.5 SWD (as well as the m43 12-40/2.8) on my M1 for a ski trip earlier this year, and wandered around with impunity in a snowstorm. Any time I wanted to take...
Otc, if I were you, I'd get the OM-D E-M5, M10, or the E-P5 Pen. The GX-7 looks good, too, as does the Fuji X-T1. m43 and Fuji have sensible lens lineups, and there are deals to be had all the time. Pros do use m43 and get very good results out of them (http://blog.mingthein.com). If you don't mind a fixed lens, the Ricoh GR is amazing. Lots of really great work has been with it and its predecessors, but you have to be able to see and live with a 28mm equivalent FOV. I'd...
Updosing something that's underextracted will cause more underextraction. All else being equal, go the opposite direction and underdose if you are getting underextraction. I think this is why I like overdosed dark roasts with boiling water.
Dark roast actually. There are two main methods for iced coffee: what I just did, which some people call Japanese-style iced coffee, and the cold-brew method where you steep in a fridge overnight with some really high brew ratio and cold water throughout. In either case, you should account for the water in the ice, and I like a 60/40 hot water:ice ratio, so the brew ratio still comes out right. Since you're extracting with less water, you may have to experiment to find...
Made my first iced coffee of the year today: my usual method of steeping in a preheated insulated container for 3 minutes, and then pouring it through a paper filter onto ice. 25 g of coffee (Peet's Sidamo), 200 g boiling water to steep, poured over 130 g of ice.
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