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Nespresso's Bukeela pod is shockingly good.
To follow up on some of the other good comments already, it depends on what kind of coffee you're making. Espresso is a thing in and of itself, and if that's your goal and you don't want to endlessly screw around, get a Nespresso: it's more consistent, cheaper (in the short term, and maybe long term if you never dial in your pull), and better than what most people can do, including cafes. Just recycle those capsules.Consider how much coffee you're making. If it's a single...
If you get a chance, try their Nekisse. It's one of their classics, and one of the best coffees I've ever had (from Blue Bottle, too).Will do! I was waffling between the L2 and L3, but went for the L2 because I have a travel grinder already, and the L3 still looked massive even with the handle folded.
Just ordered an OE Lido 2. Barrington has two new Ethiopians from 90+, and I ordered both, but have only tried their Hachira, which is a dry process Yirg. It's excellent with lots of sweetness, some acid, and lots of body. The other one is a dry-process Gedeo which I'm looking forward to opening.
I use an Airscape also. Not sure how well it preserves the coffee, but I try to finish my coffee quickly too. BTW, the Peet's Java Giling Basah is amazing. If you had the Barrington Kintamani, it's like a darker roast version of that.
Krispy Kreme has been acquired by the group that owns Peet's, Stumptown, Keurig, etc.
A friend convinced me to try Barrington's Kintamani. It is a really excellent coffee with a huge body that you'd normally associate with a Peet's coffee, but without the dark roast character that I know some don't like. Acid is low, and it's pretty fruit forward. The fruit goes pretty quickly, so use this coffee up, because its grassy/herbal character kind of dominates it after the fruit fades, and it's considerably less enjoyable.
This is very interesting news: I've had Miguel's coffee from Rusty's Hawaiian, and it is among the best coffee I've ever had, but it's a small operation, and often difficult to get outside of Hawaii. You can mail order it but you never see the special stuff they sell to the local coffee shops. Anyway, I hope this can give his coffee more scale so it's easier to get while...
Thanks! In the meantime, this new grinder from Baratza claims zero retention: It looks kind of cool too.
How do you like the Lido?
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