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Yeah, who reads this thread anyway? :P
Me too. Dark roasted beans seem worse than the lighter ones. Grinds from Peet's almost jump sometimes when I'm trying to pour them into the brewer.
Scott, when you get a chance to taste the Gesha, please post your impressions!
Never mind the doughnut. How was the coffee?
This should be interesting ... KitchenAid has introduced their own electric siphon pot. http://www.wired.com/2015/03/gorgeous-coffee-maker-takes-siphon-brewing-mainstream/ The product page: http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7315551-kitchenaid-craft-coffee/ From the video, it looks like it's using some kind of mesh filter instead of the traditional cloth filter. Also, I like how they're calling their drip brewer a pourover brewer.
This. http://honeycocoffee.com/blogs/blog/17346909-sour-coffee-limits-the-potential-of-specialty-coffee(My emphasis.)
My inverted method: 1. Measure out 15ish grams of coffee, medium grind (middle of my grinder's settings), and pour it into the inverted chamber. 2. Add 225g of water straight from the boil. Basically as hot as I can keep the water and pour it into the chamber. 3. Stir vigorously, and let steep for 60 seconds. 4. Stir a bit more, put cap on, flip, and press out. Steps 3 and 4 overlap a bit because I put the cap on after about 30 seconds of steeping -- whenever I get the...
This roast of Peet's ESN is really good.
I've been using an Aeropress for the last 3 years. The thing is still all original. (Knocks on wood.) They have revised it a few times, so maybe one of the newer ones is weaker? They've also been good about warranty replacements in the past.
Speaking of SB Reserve, they just started a subscription service that is probably the most expensive subscription service I've seen at almost $48/lbs. http://dailycoffeenews.com/2015/02/17/starbucks-unveils-reserve-line-subscription-with-upcharge-for-freshness/ But Starbucks's shipping operations seem to be a bit inefficient. Peet's has been shipping the day of the roast for forever. I have gotten roasts the day after they were roasted, but I'm pretty close to Berkeley....
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