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1 week is not too bad in the grand scheme of things. I wonder how much preground changes with a month or longer.
Able's experiment would seem to indicate that preground is preferable to the whirly blade, but they don't really say how long they let the whirly blade run, so it's hard to duplicate their experiment: http://ablebrewing.com/blogs/news/7418084-pre-ground-quality-grinder-vs-blade-grinder
Nerd alert: I timed and counted my grinding this morning with the Hario Mini Mill on 15 grams of Handlebar's new Ethiopian (pretty good BTW), which is a light roast. 96 turns in about 55 seconds. A whirlyblade is better than pre-ground too. A friend actually sharpens the blades on his whirly blade, and claims it gives better results. Not all blades can be sharpened well or even removed to be sharpened, as they are pressed onto the shaft.
To add to what others have said, grinding right before brewing is probably the biggest difference you can make for your coffee quality. It probably overrides every other single factor.
I counted the number of turns once. It's something like 140-something for 22 grams. To grind 15 grams, it's about a minute and 15 seconds on the Hario.
I use the Hario mini mill almost every day, and don't mind it. The Lido just seemed a bit ... gratuitous.
I have not, but I had a Bali from them, and that was the one I didn't like: too much charcoal, and not in an interesting way.In other news, my Capresso Infinity finally broke, so I ordered a Baratza Encore from Sweet Maria's. I was tempted to get the OE Lido 2, but chickened out.
Yes, I remember that. I think you said that the Populace blend pulled really consistently. I'll have to check out Highwire. Another place a friend turned me onto is: http://www.oldbisbeeroasters.com/default.asp Their roasting style is darker than most places, but nowhere near as dark as Peet's, and lighter than Starbucks. It's probably city to city+. Of the four I tried, 3 were very good, and 1 is still in stock: the Mexican Pluma Real. Anyway, for fans of the darker...
Is that a roast of beans, or actual cold brew coffee? I'm confused because they're selling it in packs of bottle instead of pounds or grams.
Our local Whole Foods started selling Stumptown cold brew recently too. Hope you don't have a WF near you!
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