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The clip-on tie doesn't have the ease and comfort of these:http://www.amazon.com/Tuxedo-T-shirt-hilarious-funny-gag/dp/B0012GR3MEAnd then afterwards when you're invited to the afterparty, just easily and comfortably change into this:http://www.amazon.com/Tuxedo-Tees-After-Party-T-Shirt/dp/B004NP8UN2
I think they apply sharpening whenever they downsize from the original picture.
Go up 101, and take CA-33 from Ojai, turn right on Lockwood Valley Road, right on Fraser Mountain Park Road, and then you'll end up on the 5. You could go south back to LA, or take the 138 to Mojave to go to Vegas. You will not see another living soul on 33, except maybe for a couple of squids.
Nice to see you back Szeph. I've been shooting film recently ... Fuji GW690III, Fuji Acros 100, Rodinal 1+50: Nikon F3, Nikon 50/1.4 AI, Kodak Portra 400:
I think this is a good point, and a reasonable way to do things.That does bring up another thought about the professional coffee industry and its less than gracious attitude towards its customers ... We have a bunch of hobbyists here who have fairly eclectic tastes (most of us have recommended coffees from light to dark, and a variety of brewing methods depending on the preferences of the drinker), who are knowledgeable and interested, and who have not judged or excluded...
Technically speaking, all roasted coffee is burnt to some degree, so are we all not lovers of burnt coffee?The SCAA, especially recently, is hardly the arbiter of good coffee. I also like that Starbucks is the official host sponsor of their next two big expos.
Umm, you need to do some research: Peet's ESN and AMS are not blends. They are single-origins, with the AMS varietal not readily offered anywhere else. Medium roasts can easily be done on an industrial scale. Dunkin' was doing medium roasts well before it was fashionable.
Not necessarily. Dark roasts are more difficult to manage because the roasting process accelerates as the bean gets darker: everything needs to be more controlled. Light roasts also do not necessarily express all of the character of a bean. Some beans require a darker roast in order to bring out their unique character.Inexperienced light roasters, like most of the 3rd wavers, need exaggerated flavor profiles, like the iGents that need ever-larger cubic MoP buttons on their...
Conversely, roasting light is mostly a way to mask the roaster's lack of talent and experience.
Starbucks Reserve is not "overroasted." If anything, most of the trendy coffee places underroast. My local roaster does a light- to medium-roast Indonesian that is superb.
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