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I haven't had the chance yet, but the Zambia is next on my list when my home stash runs out. Had it as an in-store Clover.
I had the Zambia the other day when they ran out of the Kona. It's got a remarkable juicy acidity that's really hard to find in many other coffees. It's a really nice, balanced coffee.
Yes, the shoe company (which also does good by giving away something to a 3rd world country for every thing you buy from them), but they make the ugliest-ass shoes ever, and their logo design is really terrible. Anyway, I'm curious about the coffee because they've got an experienced roaster on board, and they're selling it for much cheaper than most other specialty coffee. Whole Foods just started carrying them.
Has anyone tried Toms Coffee yet? I would punch its face if it had one, but I'm still curious about it.
That's only 33 Instagram cents.
No idea. I didn't even know they owned Caribou.Stumptown is also expanding into LA.
According to the WSJ, BB did between $15-20 million in revenue in 2011. No idea what their margins are, but they can't be that high. I'm just surprised that anyone would want to invest in coffee. Maybe $25 million is pocket change to VCs these days. In other news, Peet's is expanding pretty aggressively into Washington DC, including a new flagship cafe.
Yes, you're right. Sorry about that. I don't think the electro-hydraulic system has been used in an actual race.
Camless valves are already used in F1 because springs can't close the valves fast enough at the RPMs F1 engines use --- the valve poppets begin to float out of phase with the piston heads, they collide, and the engine destroys itself. F1's pneumatic valve springs run from an air reservoir that needs to be filled with air before each race. That's not too practical for road use. Ducati's Desmodromic valve system drives the poppets directly with no springs, but is a total...
I really like the 44512, especially as it appears in Despos's picture. Does anyone have experience with or pictures of 44517, which appears to be the blue/grey version of it? I might be giving up on finding a houndstooth suiting for now.
New Posts  All Forums: