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If you get a chance, try their Nekisse. It's one of their classics, and one of the best coffees I've ever had (from Blue Bottle, too).Will do! I was waffling between the L2 and L3, but went for the L2 because I have a travel grinder already, and the L3 still looked massive even with the handle folded.
Just ordered an OE Lido 2. Barrington has two new Ethiopians from 90+, and I ordered both, but have only tried their Hachira, which is a dry process Yirg. It's excellent with lots of sweetness, some acid, and lots of body. The other one is a dry-process Gedeo which I'm looking forward to opening.
I use an Airscape also. Not sure how well it preserves the coffee, but I try to finish my coffee quickly too. BTW, the Peet's Java Giling Basah is amazing. If you had the Barrington Kintamani, it's like a darker roast version of that.
Krispy Kreme has been acquired by the group that owns Peet's, Stumptown, Keurig, etc. http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/05/09/coffee-colossus-jab-acquiring-krispy-kreme-doughnuts-for-1-35-billion/
A friend convinced me to try Barrington's Kintamani. It is a really excellent coffee with a huge body that you'd normally associate with a Peet's coffee, but without the dark roast character that I know some don't like. Acid is low, and it's pretty fruit forward. The fruit goes pretty quickly, so use this coffee up, because its grassy/herbal character kind of dominates it after the fruit fades, and it's considerably less enjoyable.
This is very interesting news: http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/04/05/hawaii-based-coffee-pros-purchase-minnesotas-paradise-roasters/ I've had Miguel's coffee from Rusty's Hawaiian, and it is among the best coffee I've ever had, but it's a small operation, and often difficult to get outside of Hawaii. You can mail order it but you never see the special stuff they sell to the local coffee shops. Anyway, I hope this can give his coffee more scale so it's easier to get while...
Thanks! In the meantime, this new grinder from Baratza claims zero retention: http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/04/01/baratza-reveals-the-sette-one-rotating-ring-to-rule-them-all/ It looks kind of cool too.
How do you like the Lido?
At Barrington, watch for their offerings from Ninety Plus. They do an excellent job with them. At work, I have a Hario hand grinder that has the dodgiest mod ever: a piece of Scotch tape wrapped around the central shaft so that the burrs fit more tightly around it and don't wobble as much. Keeping with the theme, I do a modified immersion brew here. At home, I use a Baratza Encore along with the Aeropress. Nothing too exotic. The Breville that Socratic Coffee tested has...
I just received this: https://barringtoncoffee.com/shop/hambela-2/ and it is excellent, and unusual for such a lightly roasted washed coffee. It has a big creamy body, and absolutely no harsh acidic taste at all, even when brewed through an Aeropress which tends to highlight the acid notes of a coffee. Every other light roast I've tried has had a prominent acid note in their profile, which only works when balanced against some things. That's the thing that turns me off the...
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