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If you have a chance, try the Nigusse Lemma, a dry-process Ethiopian, from Barrington Coffee. It's coffees like this that make you wonder why the hell you're pay for anything more: huge floral and fruit notes with lots of sweetness, as well as a big but balanced acid note, and a lingering chocolate aftertaste. If all light roasted coffees were this good, there'd be no one making fun of the 3rd wave hipsters. It's $17 for 12 ounces.
Aeropress is good for individual servings, but you might want to consider a French press (press pot, etc.) if you need more coffee. It's about the most foolproof method of making coffee.
Coffee in Paris is pretty damned bad. First, everything is espresso. If you want more, they make you an Americano. Very few places serve filter or drip coffee, and their efforts were not impressive. The espresso menu is also pretty limited: straight espresso, Americanos or lattes. No mochas or anything else. People are pretty friendly though, and there's a culture of a long, lingering visits and sitting, so it's not unusual to sit in a cafe for a long time.
I didn't visit any cafes this weekend in NYC, but had a Cronut instead, and Ansel serves La Colombe coffee, which I generally like, but not at his shop. How the hell did a chewy, tough, cold jelly donut become and remain so popular? And the quotations on the walls? Just pretentious. The coffee service was quite bad too: the barista made 2 or 3 espresso drinks before putting a cup under the brew coffee spout to dispense the drink.
Please do. Have you checked out Socratic Coffee on Instagram?Crema is like the conspicuous pick-stitching of the coffee world: overrated, and kind of nasty on its own.For samplers, I don't know of anyone that sells coffee in that low of a volume: you'll want more than that to really hone the brew parameters too. Just get the regular 12-oz bags, and you'll be done in 2-3 weeks: the differences we're talking about here aren't so great that it will make a coffee be...
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. It sounds like there's a lot to try, probably more than there's time!They are available, and I don't know why there aren't more --- perhaps some kind of weird bias for central Americans and Africans? The specialty importers like Royal and Coffee Shrub advocate for them, too.Anyway, Barrington had an awesome Kintamani earlier this summer. I'm drinking a Sumatra from Kean right now (it's potentially good, but is a bit too close to the...
Any suggestions for coffee places to try out in the Chelsea area of NYC?
Any kind of pourover needs to use the pulse method (pour a bit, let it drain, pour more, like in the George Howell link) because you're trying to control how much water runs through the grounds, and therefore the consistency of the extraction. If you just poured all of the water in at once, then a lot of it would drain through before it got enough extraction, and you end up with a mostly underextracted mess. Same reason you do the spiral or circle pours, and why you have...
Nespresso's Bukeela pod is shockingly good.
To follow up on some of the other good comments already, it depends on what kind of coffee you're making. Espresso is a thing in and of itself, and if that's your goal and you don't want to endlessly screw around, get a Nespresso: it's more consistent, cheaper (in the short term, and maybe long term if you never dial in your pull), and better than what most people can do, including cafes. Just recycle those capsules.Consider how much coffee you're making. If it's a single...
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