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Different strokes. I think Peet's is a better benchmark than SBux, but it's not so available outside of California. Their Ethiopian Supernatural is in-stock again, too.
Not really. Buy less coffee, drink more, or just live with the degradation after a couple of weeks. The degradation isn't really that big a deal. Getting a decent burr grinder and a scale would be a much bigger improvement to your coffee than trying to vacuum pack them. I don't drink that much coffee: 2 12 oz cups a day, using between 15-37g of coffee.
Look at the crack between the two "cheeks" of the bean: dry process is dark, washed is light. Not sure if this is due to skin or something else.
I just placed a deposit for their next run of the m47 grinder. It's about $275 shipped to the US.
That tag makes me want to punch that coffee in the face. Here's another way to get more consistent dosing: measure the amount of coffee after you've ground them so bean sizes won't matter (different bean varietals are different sizes and roasting changes their weight, so it's totally inaccurate to measure beans by volume). I wonder if the amount of coffee you're using is off: you may want to use less or more, and see if that gets you more flavor.
I know this is next-level OCD, but if you know when the Peet's shipments come into your local store, you can go there on that day, and ask that they fill your order from the most recent bag. If you're nice, they'll usually do it for you. If not, they're not actually that old, maybe a week out from roast usually. I think roast recency is a bit misunderstood. Roasts straight from the roaster (like within 24-48 hours) are usually relatively lifeless, and many roasts do peak...
You're welcome! How much coffee and water are you using? I generally aim for a 15:1 water:coffee ratio (in weight).Their Kintamani, available now, is very good too.1.10 on my Feldgrind gives a lot of resistance on the Aeropress's plunger with the S-filter.
The best way to kind of calibrate the Hario is to tight down the burrs until you can't turn the nut or burrs anymore, and then count up from there. I use about 15-18 clicks on mine. Also what do you mean by flavorless? It could be that you're used to something bad that the whirlyblade grinder did and now that it's not present anymore, you're missing it.
Air travel won't affect the beans. What grind size are you using for the grinder? I don't think many people in American drink espresso, or at least the people who do drink it tend to be kind of a small set of people. The espresso tradition is very different here than in Europe, and some people argue that because we don't have a long history of it like in Italy (if
Interesting. Who's the roaster for the Yunnan beans? In grinder news, I think I like 1.10 on the Feldgrind and 9 on the Lido right now for the beans that I have. It's been interesting using such a uniform grinder, because overextraction tastes different now. It used to be more metallic, but now it's just having the flavors closed off. For example, going from 1.8 to 1.10 on the Feldgrind made the Bird Rock Kenya Guama Peaberry blossom in its fragrance. I'm still amazed by...
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