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Krispy Kreme has been acquired by the group that owns Peet's, Stumptown, Keurig, etc. http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/05/09/coffee-colossus-jab-acquiring-krispy-kreme-doughnuts-for-1-35-billion/
A friend convinced me to try Barrington's Kintamani. It is a really excellent coffee with a huge body that you'd normally associate with a Peet's coffee, but without the dark roast character that I know some don't like. Acid is low, and it's pretty fruit forward. The fruit goes pretty quickly, so use this coffee up, because its grassy/herbal character kind of dominates it after the fruit fades, and it's considerably less enjoyable.
This is very interesting news: http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/04/05/hawaii-based-coffee-pros-purchase-minnesotas-paradise-roasters/ I've had Miguel's coffee from Rusty's Hawaiian, and it is among the best coffee I've ever had, but it's a small operation, and often difficult to get outside of Hawaii. You can mail order it but you never see the special stuff they sell to the local coffee shops. Anyway, I hope this can give his coffee more scale so it's easier to get while...
Thanks! In the meantime, this new grinder from Baratza claims zero retention: http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/04/01/baratza-reveals-the-sette-one-rotating-ring-to-rule-them-all/ It looks kind of cool too.
How do you like the Lido?
At Barrington, watch for their offerings from Ninety Plus. They do an excellent job with them. At work, I have a Hario hand grinder that has the dodgiest mod ever: a piece of Scotch tape wrapped around the central shaft so that the burrs fit more tightly around it and don't wobble as much. Keeping with the theme, I do a modified immersion brew here. At home, I use a Baratza Encore along with the Aeropress. Nothing too exotic. The Breville that Socratic Coffee tested has...
I just received this: https://barringtoncoffee.com/shop/hambela-2/ and it is excellent, and unusual for such a lightly roasted washed coffee. It has a big creamy body, and absolutely no harsh acidic taste at all, even when brewed through an Aeropress which tends to highlight the acid notes of a coffee. Every other light roast I've tried has had a prominent acid note in their profile, which only works when balanced against some things. That's the thing that turns me off the...
My local Peet's fills my beans from the silver bags that they get the beans shipped in. Sometimes they'll fill from the bin if I get one of their regular offerings, but those aren't very full. Other than dust, I'm not really sure there's anything wrong with leaving the beans out in the open. Not sure what UV is going to do to coffee beans, especially after going through plate glass.
Just saw that Coffee Review gave a 92 to Trader Joe's Kenya AA Medium Roast (under $10/lbs), and 90 to a McCafe Colombian (yes, it's McDonald's coffee, around $11/lbs.). Now I'm curious.
If you're looking at bigger hand grinders, then you may as well toss the Comandante in as well: http://www.comandantegrinder.com/ Does anyone follow Socratic Coffee on Instagram? He tested the Comandante recently, but the most surprising thing was the Breville powered grinder which had the sharpest peak for its grind size even compared to professional stuff. A Ditting came closest to it, I think.
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