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Coffee Review's just finished their list of top 30 coffees of the year. The Kenya I mentioned above is their top pick. http://www.coffeereview.com/top-30-coffees-2016/
Could be, but I think more than a couple of coffee sites have mentioned the roast inconsistency too. The Peet's standard stuff can be really good, if you're into dark roasts. What have you tried so far?What brew ratios are you using (how much water and how much coffee)? You might want to try the standard Aeropress recipe (the one printed on the box), and see what you think of that. The Aeropress does tend to brew lighter and can emphasize the acidic character of a bean. I...
Starbucks Reserve can be inconsistent in roast level, which is surprising considering that Sbux has the resources to do this right and what they charge for it.
Extraction also slows down as it goes along, so an 8-minute steep won't get twice as much solubles out of the grinds as a 4-minute steep, especially since most French press pots aren't insulated and lose heat too. Some people (the Sweet Maria's crew) believe that the 4-minute time recommended for French press is too short, and prefer longer steeps.
I didn't know Starbucks did pourover! Since it tends to underextract, I'd think it would like darker roasts like Starbucks better. The best pourover I've had was at Cole's Coffee in Berkeley, which roasts very dark, and they have a totally indifferent pourover style: pour all the water in, use a whisk to sitr the crap out of it for a few seconds, and then you have to watch for when it stops dripping, and take your cup yourself. They use industrial plastic cones too.
I'm not a fan at all, especially in commercial cafes. French press, Fetco filter (the standard giant batch of filter coffee), Aeropress, etc. are better and more consistent. If you have the time, patience, and practice to do it at home, go for it, but it shouldn't be used in a commercial cafe.
I need to do more research on the coffee shot, but the lowest I could go was about 12 big notches on the Lido (on an amazing Kenyan from Bird Rock) before the aftertaste started getting that overextracted metallic flavor, so I backed it off to 12.5 notches. The initial notes were great though: very smooth and very sweet. The Encore by comparison was pretty acidic. Both were with an Aeropress with a metal screen.
Thanks for the update. I finally started looking more critically at my Lido 3 after a few weeks of almost daily use. Compared to the Baratza Encore, the Lido seems to be produce a clearer-tasting brew through the Aeropress. I'm going to also incrementally increase the fineness of the grind to see if I can make a semi-coffee shot (AKA EK shot) with the Aeropress. BTW, Felgrinds are in stock right now: I just ordered one of their colored anodized versions, but the regular...
I use a Kleen Kanteen insulated container with a screw top but it's not easily accessible while you're driving. Also, you have to be sure the top is on right, because even when it feels tight, it will still leak. I was just at my local coffee shop seeing a demo of the Decent Espresso machine, and it's a very impressive machine, especially for its price. Everything can be profiled: temperature, pressure, flow rate, and the machine has feedback loops so it can alter any of...
Check out coffeereview.com: blind tasting by trained tasters. I've generally really liked their recommendations.
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