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I think he called it a variant on cowboy coffee. It seems very simple to do, and can make a large amount of coffee, too.Yes, this is true, but brew time is not exactly the most easily controllable variable with pourover.
I tried high ratios for a while (7.5% or 25g/330g), and I think they work best with darker roasts, because they will tend to underextract. Not great for stuff that's already tending towards the acid side like Aeropress and light roasts. Cole Coffee in Berkeley is said to use something like 10% ratios in a pourover setup, but they like to roast dark, and I think most 3rd wavers would blanch at seeing how they do their pourover.
At the office, I use my modified Clover method (steep in an insulated container for 3 minutes, then pour it all into a CCD and let it filter through the paper filter), and I dump everything in as quickly as I can without causing a big mess. I stir pretty vigorously at the beginning with a fork to get everything mixed up, and then once again before I pour it into the CCD, mostly to get the grounds moving again so that they'll all pour out. The small spout might slow you...
FWIW, I have the travel-sized Bonavita, and it hasn't rusted, and except for scuffs on its plastic base, it looks new. It's my office kettle, and I've used it every weekday since May 2013. But, it's only seen filtered water, so maybe that has something to do with it? Before that I had the kettle Sweet Maria's used to sell that wasn't a Bonavita but had temperature control and a separate base. That one died I think from corrosion on the contacts between the base and...
A good survey article on Hawaiian coffees: http://www.coffeereview.com/hawaii-2014-classics-rule/ Hopefully, the islands will survive the hurricane with little damage.
He was the owner.
The third wave shops I've visited only make doubles, and some have signs that say this, too, presumably for the customers that ask for a double. The margins on espresso must be huge given the kind of waste and dumped shots I've seen lots of places do. The high margins can be good too: after ordering an espresso once, a friend walked in and we talked for 10 minutes while I forgot about my espresso. The barista had noticed this, and took back my espresso and made a new one...
Speaking of food pairings, I admit that this actually does sound kind of awesome: http://sprudge.com/meet-st-louis-fabulous-coffee-brunch.html
Dark roast in an Aeropress is like magic. It's a great combination.
Amazon has a great deal on the Bonavita temperature control gooseneck kettle for almost half off: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005YR0F40/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B005YR0F40&linkCode=as2&tag=f0c6bc-20&linkId=73BNNHKSOUSPL5RA
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