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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Bonuses cut in half. Salaries frozen, at least for the next year. Same here. Our bonus wasn't effected -- for this year anyway, but everyone's wages were frozen. Got a promotion in September, and then had my wage frozen without receiving a raise.
rlschwart. Excellent seller, speedy shipping, and very patient with my barrage of questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 If you're talking about the Calgary location they are moving in August. I was in the other day, and one of the SA's in the handbag department said it is going to be similar in size to the store on Bloor in Toronto. I believe they call them their "Flag Ship" stores. He said the handbag department alone will go from 1,100 sqft to over 11,000 sqft. Hopefully the menswear department will grow 10 fold,...
I may check them out. I'm always a bit worried as a tailors understanding of fit and style will almost certainly be in direct conflict with what I need to have tailored. To wit, the suit I'm eagerly awaiting is my second Thom Browne. My last tailor did an okay job with my last Thom suit , and a mediocre job on my Black Fleece sport coat (to his credit, it was bought last year and I've lost a size in that time, so bringing a jacket down a size isn't profoundly easy). He...
Do you mean Toppers? It's the only listing I found on eighth. Or is this a different place? How are they price wise?
Since the local folks seem to check in here every so often, and nifty new suit should be awaiting me at the post office tomorrow, anyone got a good recommendation for a tailor? I know. I'm getting repetitive, but you guys must get your stuff tailored, right? Help a fellow hinterlander out, here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese What did they do to you? Routinely hold packages for inexplicably long times despite full disclosure on the import papers, and ignore/disregard country of origin declaration even with proper documentation and then charge 18% tariff plus 5% tax on items not subject to duty requiring an endless stream of paperwork to overturn. In short; bugger me.
Canada Customs.
I expect the BB prices will be inline with the exchange rate, which depending on how that shifts in the next few months, might be a a good thing. I'm just hoping they bring in Black Fleece. I prefer Thom mainline, but if BB brings that in it may make Holt/Harry/Henry up their game.
Another Filson recommendation: Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat. Quite warm, and only slightly odd. Of course there's the Canada Goose hats too, such as Aviator style, "Classique hat with beaver felt" and the same Classique but with sherling, if the logos don't bug you.
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