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Quote: Originally Posted by haTTer The CURE Pictures of you memories, and very true words... very true... +1 "Disintegration" is the perfect self-indulgent post-breakup album. Put on, grab hard liquor, get your morose on.
You by Radiohead Domino by Esquivel Canario by Emerson, Lake And Palmer Night and Day by Duke Ellington Tall Saint by The National Pictures Of Lily by The Who Y Control (Brooklyn Fire Retouch) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs Born Of The Fire by Slayer (Intro - Better Off Without A Wife) by Tom Waits Vanished by Meshuggah
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Sorry Kelly, but the "flowy" top and black pants aren't hiding the rolls. Or that gunt of hers. Tonight's episode is abysmal. I look forward to the ads just for a laugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 K Not sure which is better; the paedophile-esque mugshot, or open in the other tab.
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel I like the shorts... +1. Don't think I could pull it off, though. Not nearly hairless enough. Still like it all the same.
Kind of overpriced. You can buy unworn, unaltered, un-crapped-my-pants-when-my-fund-went-tits-up TB for equal to and up to half of what they charge all over eBay. Still, the schadenfreude is wonderful.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow From the sound of this thread, this seems to be the norm for shoes. On top of foreign exchange, paypal fees, international shipping fees, you get dinged another 30% at customs to buy some shoes from overseas. This is why buying from Sak's and Nordstrom's if you're in Canada is just not worth it. Oh, sure tariff is anywhere from 8.5% for shoes from Australia and New Zealand, to 20% for Italian made...
I'd say I see cheat meals in about a day or two. Although what the King's flame-broiled goodness taketh away, 20 extra minutes of pure hell intervals giveth back.
Royal Mail is your best best (any national postal service is, really), as you won't be charged a brokerage fee. You get dinged with sales tax no matter what, but depending on where the shoes were made, the style and their composition the tariff is assigned at different percentage. I linked this a little while ago, and it's immensely handy: It's The Canada Border Services Tariff page. The PDF (and the Access...
Pretty sure that one's fake. On (overly) close inspection, she's got some mad peach fuzz. Sans waxing, primping and preeing, I feel she may well be Chewbacca furry. Regardless, would still smash.
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