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Michael Sheen
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas uh, it's WATER ads, not pepsi/beer/underwear ads. Yeah, sure, but, c'mon, this one was awesome: Quote: Originally Posted by JMSBNSN
I saw him awhile ago on the suggested friends thing. He and sneaker designer Mark Ong pop up fairly regularly. More often that people I share common friends with. Facebook creeps me out.
How can this even be close? Bellucci is a goddess.
The specials have me crapioca, but I'm hopeful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Oh no! http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news;_yl...nkie&type=lgns UFC, where retired football players who want one more shot at glory go to die. Hrm. Still not as bad as Jose Conseco vs. Hong Man Choi. Admittedly, he didn't completely embarrass himself. For most of the fight anyway.
Nikki Whelan Monica Belluci
Owning a car is almost a necessity, though. Calgary is not pedestrian friendly. That said, if the +15 is a primary want, downtown apartments are pricey. Expect $1500, unless you're willing to live in squaller. West Downtown is great but expensive. If you're willing to pay the price, that might meet all your requirements. A few blocks to the +15s and really close to 10th St. Station in the free fare zone. One short (three stops) train ride from your offices for free....
Mission should be fine, I think. But under 1K will only get you an okay place in Mission. Nothing great, but possibly nothing so horrific you'll be cowering under your bed-sheets praying for a quick death. When I say appalling, I mean appalling. 1K will get you a mediocre one bedroom. Although we maybe coming from two different ideas of standard of living. I lived downtown throughout my 20s, in a dingy 2-bedroom off 17th Ave. It was sweltering in the summer, and...
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