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Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Yes, for both BF and TB. I did hear sales people say that the functional buttons made it difficult for some customers to get proper fitting sleeves. I'm hoping that the nonfunctional buttons can still be made to be functional. I know it's a silly thing, but I like it. Especially since the sleeves fit me fine as is (was?). Quote: Originally Posted by pitboss12 In a recent edition of...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I noticed that all the jackets now come with nonfunctional sleeve buttons. I noticed that as well. Somewhat disappointing. I like the Glen Plaid and Patch Pocket suits, a few of the shirts -- especially the club collared one and the sweaters, but the "toning down" has the opposite effect on me than it will on, I assume, many others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 pantera - walk +1 As has been said earlier, it all depends on what you're into. Personally, I like Scandinavian Black Metal when I workout, though we may not share the same tastes.
"Sick days" around here are quite rampant. Morale is quite often low after the completion of projects. Well, it's low much of the time, but, that's what the ever so wonderful "Personal Leave" entry on our time sheets is for. Plus, "banking" hours during aforementioned projects helps too. Personally, I loathe taking a "sick day" if I'm not actually sick, although I wish more people would take their sick days when they walk into the office trumpeting into a soggy hanky,...
Pity. Considering the seller's measurements of their other items, which seem accurate, I suspect it's either not a size 3 as posted or not accurately measured. I know my initial measurements on my Black Fleece size 2 jacket -- I was curious as it looked small, yet fit perfectly --- didn't make sense, so I can see a mis-measurement occurring. TB in my (assumed) size rarely pops up, so who knows. Watch it for now, and see, I suppose. Thank you for your responses. Sizing seems a touch odd. I was always under the impression that a size 3 Thom Browne corresponded to a 42, albeit an extremely snug 42. Any opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred I miss being 7 and thinking everybody was a good person +1. In addition, waking up without some sort of strange workout induced pain, not checking the Nutritional Information on the side of a cereal box for fiber content, the zero impact drinking binge, and the absolute confidence I knew everything there was to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Hey, you get what you pay for. I use GIMP all the time as I use Linux mostly at work. I think it has come a long way and you can do some great things. The interfaces on OSS sometimes are a little weird. I have friends that can do some pretty cool 3d modeling with Blender too. I would suggest that the experience, especially from a Mac user perspective with experience with Photoshop, can be enhanced and...
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