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Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod 3) Ask for a fitting. You'll get better results and more consistency. Forgot to mention that, I definitely plan to get a fitting with this, and probably all, garments ordered through Chan. I don't foresee ever requiring the garment on short notice and I'm a notoriously difficult fit, so there's no reason not to get a fitting. I hear what you guys are saying with respect to fabric on the first one, but...
I have made my first appointment to see Patrick on their next visit to Chicago on November 6th. I've read a lot of the threads here on Chan, but wanted to get some advice regarding my first suit commission. I'm rebuilding my suit wardrobe after spending 2 years in business school, and was thinking of either a solid (or semi-solid, like a herringbone, or shadow stripe) navy or charcoal 2B as my first commission (the other will be my second assuming I'm satisfied with the...
12-Team League, 6pt passing TDs, no PPR. I picked second, round chosen in brackets, what do you guys think? I think I reached for Rodgers a bit, but Brady, Brees and Manning were already off the board, and you need a solid QB with 6pt TDs, and the only ones left I felt comfortable with were Rodgers and Rivers. No RB depth, but I only have to start one and Turner should be solid. Happy with my WR corps, with good upside from Hester/Harvin on the bench. QB: Aaron...
Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan Yeah, Duff's seems to be the preference among "wing snobs" in Buffalo, and with good reason. Anchor Bar's wings are good, but I think they are pushing their brand cache by charging $9 for 10 wings. Agreed - they have two outposts in Toronto, easily the best wings in the city (though that's not saying much given the lack of competition).
I paid $135 during an Amazon sale about 6 months ago. Check there, they frequently are discounted, though sometimes only selected sizes and/or colours.
Centro is great (on Yonge, north of Eglinton), but likely outside your budget. If you're willing to go slightly south of Yonge, Zucca (on Yonge near Manor Road), is great for Italian and Simple Bistro (on Mount Pleasant, south of Eglinton) is very good as well. Both should be right around your budget, depending on how much you drink.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan going to chicago in a month and ive been trying call schwa for about a week now however they were closed sunday and monday. called a few times today as well... no one picks up and voicemail is full. Check LTH Forum or Chowhound Chicago - this is common at Schwa. It's very difficult to get anyone on the phone or to have your calls returned; some think it's part of the charm.
pm sent on #1
For conservative socks, tough to beat the Talbott OTCs that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for the princely sum of $6 a pair. I picked up about a dozen pairs in navy, grey and taupe. For fun socks - Duchamp by a mile.
is there anywhere we can see swatches from the vaunted Crispaire book online? H&S' website seems to feature a few samples from most of their books, but I don't see the Crispaire book listed there. Would like to see at least some online images to narrow down some potential choices for a Chan suit to be made up in the fall. Don't want to show up to my appointment and having to rush through all the books.
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