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As a Torontonian, I share your pain. I don't think a sufficiently large market exists for these brands in Toronto. If it did, you would think the economically-minded people at Holt's and Harry's would have introduced them by now. They would definitely be overpriced, but as you mentioned, so are the Lobbs and Barker Blacks at Holt's. The relatively small number of people who appreciate these sorts of shoes (like our Toronto-based SF members) are generally resourceful...
Going to Vegas this weekend for the first time. Any shopping recommendations, in terms of can't miss stores or current sales? If it helps, I'll be staying at Caesar's, so will definitely be exploring the Forum Shops at some point. Thanks everyone.
Not usually a fan, but that's an attractive-looking Tag, especially on the leather strap. Of the two, it gets my vote.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Nice! What's the total cost (if you don't mind)? Fabrics in the book were $1,750 for a 2pc suit, plus an extra $100 for shipping because I'm going to do a fitting. A little more than I had wanted to spend, but figure with the fitting we should get the fit pretty close, and the plain navy will be a wardrobe staple for years.
Great pants - would be all over these if they were flat front.
My first suit from Chan, solid navy 9.5oz from Scabal
Any suggestions for a late lunch / early dinner within walking or short cab ride distance from 52nd/Park tomorrow? I'm going to have about 2 hours to kill between a meeting and catching a flight. Open to any cuisine. Thanks
Finally back in a groove after only running once a week during the summer (brutal hours at work). Ran 7 miles in just under 52 minutes today, and felt pretty good. Probably could've pushed it a bit more, but I'll build back up slowly.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod 3) Ask for a fitting. You'll get better results and more consistency. Forgot to mention that, I definitely plan to get a fitting with this, and probably all, garments ordered through Chan. I don't foresee ever requiring the garment on short notice and I'm a notoriously difficult fit, so there's no reason not to get a fitting. I hear what you guys are saying with respect to fabric on the first one, but...
I have made my first appointment to see Patrick on their next visit to Chicago on November 6th. I've read a lot of the threads here on Chan, but wanted to get some advice regarding my first suit commission. I'm rebuilding my suit wardrobe after spending 2 years in business school, and was thinking of either a solid (or semi-solid, like a herringbone, or shadow stripe) navy or charcoal 2B as my first commission (the other will be my second assuming I'm satisfied with the...
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