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I plan on visiting Chan we he comes to Toronto in July, I'm assuming he'll charge in US
You may also want to check out the Harry Rosen outlet at Heartland in Missisauga, they have a large selection of suits in all sizes that would be in your price range. It's hit or miss as to whether you'll find a basic like a plain navy, but definitely worth a shot. Your best bet there is a Harry Rosen Tilford (their house brand), which is indeed made by Samuelsohn. They're made in Montreal and all fully-canvassed.
Quote: Originally Posted by closetmess Undisclosed location (although already leaked) Would you mind sharing the leaked location? I'm moving back to the Toronto area in June and would definitely consider joining if the location was convenient. PM me if you don't want to post.
If anyone picked up the black Testoni cap toes in 8 or 8.5 and they don't fit, or they don't want them, I'll gladly take them, even at a small premium.
Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 Thanks for replying to my post. I was hoping you could help me with a few questions. From my understanding, I will be picking different cuts from a book. I know there is a small description of the cut but how do I know which style fits me best. I'm fairly certain they don't have "try on" jackets or anything like that. I know the look that I want, but is there a way to know which model might suit me best or do I need...
I have MTM suits by both, from Harry Rosen, and prefer the Samuelsohn for the reasons above. The full canvassing makes the Sammy hold its shape better over time. In addition, Samuelsohn has more models to choose from, and I have found one with a great silhouette for me (the Todd, with relatively unpadded, roped shoulders and good waist suppression). In my experience, it was only about a 10-15% upcharge versus Coppley, which I think is well worth it at that price level.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man There is a store in Montreal that carries EG. L'Uomo is the store in Montreal you're referring to, a gem of a shop, right across the street from the Harry Rosen flagship. http://luomo-montreal.com/introa.php I've had discussions with numerous senior sales reps at Harry's about carrying more English makers with no luck. They added a few more high-end clothing labels (and stocked more of some others)...
As a Torontonian, I share your pain. I don't think a sufficiently large market exists for these brands in Toronto. If it did, you would think the economically-minded people at Holt's and Harry's would have introduced them by now. They would definitely be overpriced, but as you mentioned, so are the Lobbs and Barker Blacks at Holt's. The relatively small number of people who appreciate these sorts of shoes (like our Toronto-based SF members) are generally resourceful...
Going to Vegas this weekend for the first time. Any shopping recommendations, in terms of can't miss stores or current sales? If it helps, I'll be staying at Caesar's, so will definitely be exploring the Forum Shops at some point. Thanks everyone.
Not usually a fan, but that's an attractive-looking Tag, especially on the leather strap. Of the two, it gets my vote.
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