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is item #2 really "light canary yellow" as you describe? In the pic, it looks more like a light tan colour. Please advise, or post another pic of the colour if that will help.
Here's what I would do: - 3 MTM/bespoke suits (navy, charcoal, mid grey) from Chan or similar - $4,500 - 2 MTM/bespoke jackets (navy blazer, tweed) from Chan or similar - $2,400 - 15 MTM shirts from MyTailor (Thomas Mason Silverline, etc.) - $2,250 - 10 versatile, conservative ties (from B&S, shopthefinest, etc.) - $1,000 (at most) - 6 pairs of MTM trousers from Chan, MyTailor or similar - $1,800 - 3 pairs of more casual cotton trousers (Inco, Mabitex) prob from B&S -...
Guys, I am looking for a casual spring jacket. Nothing dressy or fussy, mostly to be worn with jeans, and occasionally chinos. I've already got a dressier safari-style jacket from Corneliani in tan (faux suede). What do you guys think of this from RL? I originally wanted something in navy, but this one's growing on me. I really like the details, though I could do without the zippers on the sleeves. It's...
Title says it all, looking for tan cotton Incotex/Mabitex in size 30.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pat in your opinion, would one be better off doing the smaller menu w/ pairings or the full menu without? The wine pairings is a matter of personal preference, but for your first time, you should definitely do the Tour (assuming you have the requisite time) to get the full Alinea experience.
interested in white or stone in cotton, cotton/linen, or linen in size 30.
I plan on visiting Chan we he comes to Toronto in July, I'm assuming he'll charge in US
You may also want to check out the Harry Rosen outlet at Heartland in Missisauga, they have a large selection of suits in all sizes that would be in your price range. It's hit or miss as to whether you'll find a basic like a plain navy, but definitely worth a shot. Your best bet there is a Harry Rosen Tilford (their house brand), which is indeed made by Samuelsohn. They're made in Montreal and all fully-canvassed.
Quote: Originally Posted by closetmess Undisclosed location (although already leaked) Would you mind sharing the leaked location? I'm moving back to the Toronto area in June and would definitely consider joining if the location was convenient. PM me if you don't want to post.
If anyone picked up the black Testoni cap toes in 8 or 8.5 and they don't fit, or they don't want them, I'll gladly take them, even at a small premium.
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