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For all the Canucks out there: Chan recently canceled its scheduled visit to Toronto in July. When I inquired as to the reason, they said they now had no plans to visit Toronto in the foreseeable future until they have received sufficient interest to make it worth a one-day stop. I just had a suit made by Chan in Chicago, but am moving back to Toronto this summer, and would very much like to continue working with Patrick on future commissions. They are far better...
Won't be able to take pics for a bit, but wanted to see if there was any interest out there first. NIB Borrelli Luxury Vintage collection captoes, color is a very light tan. Marked an 8.5D, but would definitely fit a 9D (maybe even a 9.5). For reference, I'm an 8.5C/D in AE Park Avenues, and a 7.5E on C&J's 338 last, and these feel at least a half size big, maybe even a full size. NIB with dustbags, only tried on inside on carpet. Retail on these is in the $900...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 ^that sounds good I can't take full credit for it, it's a Giada recipe. I use the lemon simple syrup for lots of things, so generally just make a big batch and refrigerate, it keeps quite well.
For a very refreshing smoothie: - half cup of ice, half cup of lemon simple suryp (water+sugar+lemon zest), half cup of yogurt, bunch of mint or basil
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL I believe this is one of the iconic features of a Lange watch, which gives it a distinctive, modern edge. I like it, always have. I definitely agree that it's a distinguishing feature of many Lange models, I just don't like it as a matter of personal preference. I actually prefer watches without a date function altogether. That said, I can still appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship in a Lange like this one.
can't stand the clunky date function, but otherwise gorgeous!
is item #2 really "light canary yellow" as you describe? In the pic, it looks more like a light tan colour. Please advise, or post another pic of the colour if that will help.
Here's what I would do: - 3 MTM/bespoke suits (navy, charcoal, mid grey) from Chan or similar - $4,500 - 2 MTM/bespoke jackets (navy blazer, tweed) from Chan or similar - $2,400 - 15 MTM shirts from MyTailor (Thomas Mason Silverline, etc.) - $2,250 - 10 versatile, conservative ties (from B&S, shopthefinest, etc.) - $1,000 (at most) - 6 pairs of MTM trousers from Chan, MyTailor or similar - $1,800 - 3 pairs of more casual cotton trousers (Inco, Mabitex) prob from B&S -...
Guys, I am looking for a casual spring jacket. Nothing dressy or fussy, mostly to be worn with jeans, and occasionally chinos. I've already got a dressier safari-style jacket from Corneliani in tan (faux suede). What do you guys think of this from RL? I originally wanted something in navy, but this one's growing on me. I really like the details, though I could do without the zippers on the sleeves. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...entPage=family It's...
Title says it all, looking for tan cotton Incotex/Mabitex in size 30.
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