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Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Special celebration at George Restaurant last night. Once again, an excellent meal. Tasting menu. Some highlights were the bison, beef tenderloin and foie gras with duck confit. The list is getting even better. Had a 2007 Kistler Pinot. Awesome wine. I think George is my favourite high-end place in the city now that the old Splendido is gone. Consistently great food, great cocktails and a good (not...
8.5 in 1:02:45. Had taken 2 weeks off so trying to get my speed back.
Haven't posted here in a long time. Personal distance best 10.4 miles on Saturday in 1:13, was pretty happy with the time considering I'd never really ventured past 9 miles or so before. Followed that up with ~6.3 miles (10km) on Sunday in 42:21. Hoping to run my first half sometime, though probably not until next spring, since I'm out of town for the last few this season.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar Tate Modern Eat at the River Cafe Borough Market +1 on the Borough market. If you're looking for stuff to take with you and cook, weekends are best. If you're looking for things to eat on the spot, Friday is best. There's also a great little pub right in the market that stocks something like 300 different beers. Tiny little place (seating for 10-12 tops), but has a small patio outside, and everyone else...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Every once in a while, I'll catch a little of his show. I've caught bits and pieces of his show for probably 20 years now. Does anyone find him funny and amusing? Any of his observations insightful or intelligent? Actually, about 20 million listeners a week seem to enjoy him just fine. Is he bombastic and over the top? Of course - name me one successful radio personality who isn't. Doesn't make him...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe I had 2 suits made up before the tux. I ordered the suits during the promotions. One charcoal, one navy. Promotions are usually in October and February and again in May. I should probably make a separate thread complete with pics. Overall, I'm very pleased. Especially with the tux. I'll PM you with more details. Please do, sounds like a good experience. Definitely interested to hear more about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe had my own made by Bulloch Tailors on Colborne Lane How was your experience with Bulloch? Was this the first garment you've had made with them? Since Chan cancelled his planned visit to Toronto, I've been looking at other alternatives, and would definitely be interested to hear more about your experience with Bulloch. Feel free to PM me if you don't wish to share details here. Thanks!
Reviving this thread since TTS has apparently opened. I'm just back in TO after a 2-year stint in Chicago. Any SFers members at TTS? Would love to hear reviews, might consider membership if still open.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanM Chan will be here July 8th. Most unfortunate they decided to cancel - apparently for lack of interest. For anyone posting here who is potentially interested, please email them to register your interest, and maybe we can get them here in December.
Any update on current pants in stock or when the website may be up and running?
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