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Thanks for all the help everyone. We decided to stay in SF for the bookend weekends, and Yountville and Healdsburg during the week. It's definitely going to be a foodie trip: we have reservations at The French Laundry, ad hoc, Bottega and Mustard's Grill in the Yountville area and Cyrus in Healdsburg. We're working on wineries to visit in both areas, so any suggestions are welcome. Definitely thinking of going to Joseph Phelps, Hess, Vincent Arroyo and Merry Edwards.
Allen Edmonds has done a lot of work for American politicians and is a proud American company. I would think they would jump at the chance to help out. Their new CEO has posted here from time, might be worth contacting him. Alden might also be worth a try, especially since they already make an orthotic line.
George, without question. They do a tasting menu, and most of the time, will serve you and your gf slightly different versions of every course, so you can effectively taste twice as many. Food and service are great, wine list is good, but they will do pairings as well.
Assuming I didn't want to spend a night in Point Reyes, would I be best staying 2 nights in Healdsburg (Wednesday and Thursday - taking in a few wineries), then driving back to San Fran on Hwy 1 past Point Reyes (maybe stop for lunch at Nick's) on Friday? Alternative, as mentioned above, is stay in Healdsburg Wednesday night, drive down to Carmel Thursday morning, spend the afternoon there, stay one night at Bernadus then drive back North to San Fran on Friday. Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Carmel is probably not worth two nights unless you have a car and go into Monterey. The best restaurant in that area by far is Marinus, at a lodge in Carmel Valley. The best restaurant in the town itself probably Aubergine. Fandango in Pacific Grove is also good. Stop in Santa Cruz! Marinus is in the Bernadus Lodge. Anyone have any experience there? Looks pretty cool and Jetsetter has a sale on it...
How about this: - Friday night : arrive in San Fran, stay at the Monaco (?) - Saturday: take in a Giants game (I'm a casual baseball fan, but am told it's the nicest park in the country). Maybe go over to the Ferry building (Slanted Door or Hog Island) - Sunday morning: drive to Yountville - Sunday/Monday/Tuesday: take in some wineries (Hess, Schafer, Phelps. Del Dotto, Arroyo, Anderson's Conn Valley, Charbay (for spirits) and others are on my list, but I'll keep it to 2-3...
Guys, I'm planning a Nor Cal trip for next April and would appreciate some insights. The focus of the trip will be food, wine and sightseeing. Here's what I know so far: - we'll be arriving late on a Friday night (prob in San Fran) and leaving the following Sunday (8 full days) again from San Fran - would like to spend 4 nights in San Fran (either Friday - Monday or Friday/Saturday and the following Friday Saturday). The reason for this is I was planning to take...
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Who else thought this post was about this? Is that the one from the Armoury? Remember seeing it on here sometime recently, refresh my mind as to details.
any other suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry See http://www.lodgerfootwear.com/shoes?color=26... Good recs so far, the EGs are awesome, may have to see if they pop up in their Christmas sale, they're a bit out of the price range at full retail.
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