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Quote: Originally Posted by Dr.Teatime I was informed by my local retailer that B&R is giving 20% off starting May 1. Very helpful, thanks.
Hi Everyone, I'm going to be working in London for the summer, and need a new large garment bag to transport some of my suits and jackets. I'm basically settled on the Briggs & Riley wheeled wardrobe (see link below). For anyone out there with experience buying B&R luggage, where should I be looking to get the best price? I'm in Chicago, so have access to all local retailers, as well as anyplace you can recommend online. Also, though that's the specific piece I'm...
Great ties, I own #2 and it's one of my favourite ties. Picture doesn't do it justice, it's a brilliant red and ties a great knot.
Been looking for a back-up pair of brown lace-ups, and saw the PAs on Amazon for $146. The only AEs I've ever tried on were the Copleys (patent lace-up), and from what I remember, they fit ok in 8.5D (though my retailer didn't carry the narrow sizes). My feet run a bit narrow to begin with, but I usually just deal with it since most don't carry different widths. How narrow do the C widths run (I believe the PA is the 5 last, correct?). Any advice would be greatly...
I'll give this one more shot, advice anyone?
I will be commissioning a MTM Samuelsohn corduroy jacket in the next few weeks, and wanted to get the opinions of the esteemed SF community of styling details. - Colour: I'm debating between a chocolate brown and a rich golden tan colour. Thoughts on versatility? - Fabric: If anyone has any specific fabrics I should look at, please let me know. I'm thinking of the LP Zealander collection as a start. - Model: I have several suits/jackets done up in the Todd model...
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler go to the show's website and email the production team/wardrobe person. they will tell you; Unfortunately, the show itself doesn't even list a email address, let alone one for production/wardrobe. Rather unfortunate, any ideas on who designs Omar Epps' wardrobe generally? Maybe that could help.
For House fans out there, wondering if anyone knows the source of Omar Epps' overcoat in tonight's episode. It's a great looking camel-coloured coat cut above the knee with wide peak lapels. I've been looking for just such a coat to act as a second overcoat (my current one is a below the knee charcoal cashmere one). Tried googling the source of his wardrobe but no luck. Thanks everyone.
Does the sale in Chicago usually start at the same time?
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts If you hit the Rack on State then definately head across the street and check out Filene's! I was there yesterday and they seemed to have quite a bit of good stuff on sale. Good call on FB, anything of note? I've never really found anything worthwhile at that FB, but have had better luck with the Michigan Ave. one on occasion.
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