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My wife and I will be heading out to do some shopping this coming Friday, and I could use some suggestions to make the experience a little more even-handed. Already went to Saks, which was pretty picked through, though they had a pretty good selection of Charvet ties for $55, (I picked up two), and a few decent pairs of shoes left (including antique-brown Westons for $270 from $850). Sales at Polo and BB are also well covered elsewhere and online. Anyone have any...
I'm a fan of Dent gloves
Is there a tag indicating which Samuelsohn model the jacket is?
I know people who have had good luck with Beauchamp on Wellington, not cheap though. They also do semi bespoke shirts and suits.
If you're looking for a modern looking boutique hotel in Rome, by wife and I really enjoyed Hotel 47 (right across the river from Trastavere and a 10 minute walk to the coliseum). Great modern, clean rooms and a very helpful, friendly staff.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Honestly, they are just two different books with different fabrics. From what I recall, there was very little overlap in patterns. The price differential itself is insignificant. Last I checked the golds were mostly 120s and the silvers 100s. That was 2-3 years ago with the harry rosen bespoke shirt experiment (which miserably failed btw), however. My shirtmaker doesn't use TM. He uses alumo, sic tess, acorn,...
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