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I am going to be working in London for the next few months. Where can one get a decent shoe shine in the City? I work near Bank station. My google and forum searches did not yield a definitive answer on the subject. Many thanks everyone.
I will be working in London for the next three months or so, and am in need of a good, reliable barber. Would like to keep it under or around 30GBP if possible. I work near London Bridge station, but anywhere easily accessible by tube is fine with me. Bonus points if they're open on Saturday, as I often work long hours during the week and have trouble getting away during the day. Any recommendations? Thanks everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl They couldn't order them for you? They told me they should be available online! (this was before I'd checked online, so I assumed the SA was right).
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl You're better off trying to find them in store. Restocks are random on the website. Sadly, I tried that too. Apparently the Polo store on Michigan Avenue "didn't get many of the basics this season" according to the SA. They did have weird looking shorts in bright pink and purple however if I was interested in those...
I've been looking to get a pretty basic pair of RL shorts (the prospect tissue chino) in a size 30, but they've been sold out in all the colours I'm interested in (navy, sand and white) for almost 2 months. I could understand if this was a one-off item, but would think they would restock basics more often. Anybody here have any experience with this?
10km in 43:15
10km in 44 minutes flat today
Quote: Originally Posted by why Honestly, I'd do them only once a week or so on what used to be rest days. It'll probably help out a lot more and not mess up your pacing. Good idea, that's along the lines of what I was thinking. I'm only running twice a week right now anyway, I hit the bike for ~18-20 miles the other two days to minimize knee/shin impact and just to keep things interesting.
For those of you that have the cotton Incotex trousers, any idea how much room there is to let them out? I'm looking at a pair in 28, and would need them let out to 29.5 - 30.0 if possible. Just a waist adjustment, everything else should be fine.
10km in 44:40 today. Not the most measured run, had to really sprint the last half mile or so to make the time, but very pleased overall with my progress so far. Think I'm going to start mixing in some speed bursts (~1-2 minute sprints) every 7-8 minutes or so. Thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: