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All, Does anyone have any experience with Doriani outerwear? I'm interested in a winter weight cashmere quilted jacket, and while the fabric is beautiful, I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on their outerwear pieces, in terms of quality of construction and durability. Any feedback would be helpful - thanks!
What's the pricing on this one? Feel free to send by PM.
Since when does HR carry Gaziano & Girling? If anyone is in the area, would be very interested to see what models are there.
I was thinking up to $1,500ish, though that's not a hard cap by any means. This would be a very versatile staple piece that I'd anticipate having for years and getting a lot of wear out of, so not overly concerned with cost.Definitely open to something tone-on-tone or with a bit of texture, would in fact be preferable and make it more distinguishable from my existing navy blazer.The jacket would mostly be worn with either wool or chino-type pants, both with and without a...
Hi, I am considering commissioning my first sports jacket from MyTailor on their next visit to Toronto. I've got 20+ shirts from them I'm very happy with so far. I've got a local tailor who does a pretty good job on my suits/jackets currently, but the MyTailor price point is attractive enough that I've decided to give it a shot. I'm thinking of having a not-quite-navy/indigo blazer made up. I already own a dark navy MTM Samuelsohn blazer from many years ago that I'm...
If you don't mind my asking, what was the damage on taxes and duties?
Bought these from Gilt, but they're too big and never got around to returning them in time. Light tan Borrelli Luxury Vintage cap-toe bluchers. Retail, according to Gilt, is $900. Price is $350 (or best reasonable offer) shipped in Canada or the U.S, which is less than what I paid originally. Willing to ship elsewhere, but would be at cost. These are marked as size 8.5, and Gilt said this was an American sizing, but they are a half to full size too big for me (for...
I've looked in stores, though there aren't many choices up here, and haven't found anything exactly right, both in terms of fabric and fit. Some things come close, but for $2k+, i'd rather go custom.
Anyone with any thoughts on this? Thanks.
I've decided to commission a second "overcoat" and would appreciate some advice and inspiration. For background, I live in Toronto and wear suits/jackets to work every day. I currently have an 8-year old charcoal grey cashmere overcoat that is functional but boxy and not particularly stylish. It's a below the knee Tilford model from Harry Rosen. I'm planning to supplement this coat with something a little more modern, but could use a little help in 3 main areas. 1....
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