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New with tags, stock pics from Uniqlo. Asking $25 Color: Gray Size: XS Measurements: P2P: 18.25" S2S: 17" Sleeve length: 25" Length (Front): 20"
Bought on SF, ended up not being for me. In the same condition as when it was bought: http://www.styleforum.net/t/270973/kris-van-assche-metal-pants-black Measurements: waist 15.5'' rise 11'' thigh 11'' inseam 33.5'' hem 6.5"
Bought this new but never got the chance to wear it out; it was only put on a hanger for the pictures and has otherwise been stored folded. The color in the pictures is close, but is a more of cream color in person. Price is shipped in the US. Measurements Sleeves: 24" P2P: 18" S2S: 17" Body Length: 25.5"
This has zip details on the wrist and collar. Measurements: Body length: 24" Sleeve: 24" P2P: 16.5" S2S: 16"
Just tried this on once, color is brown. Measurements: Body length: 24.5" Sleeve length: 25" P2P: 18" S2S: 14"
Lightweight shirt from Unis, size XS. Measurements: Body Length: 28" Sleeve: 26" P2P: 18" S2S: 16.5"
Lightly used, still in good condition. Measurements: Waist: 15" Inseam: 29.5" Leg Opening: 7"
Brand new, color is dark brown. Measurements: Waist: 15.5" Inseam: 34" Leg opening: 7"
They run a little big, probably best for a 41.
Great coat, just need the money for other things. This is the cotton version. Price is shipped (as a gift or +4%). Measurements: Sleeves - 25.5" S2S - 16.5" P2P - 19" Back Length - 25.75"
New Posts  All Forums: