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Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate your reply and I will make an appointment so that I can come in--I am likely buying a Ring Jacket or two--just not sure I can wait for MTO, but I look forward to seeing what you have.
Hello, I know the gentlemen from Ring Jacket are coming to town. I am wondering what the lead time generally is for their MTO sports jackets and will they be bringing some ready to wear jackets with them as well? I am certainly planning a visit. Thank you. DS
Really good of you to put this together, thank you. I will certainly try to attend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Young Friday after Thanksgiving. Big shopping day. And as those of us who grew up in retail know, called Black Friday because for many a retail business it was the day they went from being in the red to being in the black
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Corrected URL. I really wish I could be there; I've only purchased from Ian twice but both times the service was impeccable and the goods fantastic. Enjoy, whoever does make it. I went to the trunk show today. What a treasure trove! For those of you that might have visited Mr. Daniels' site (shopthefinest.com) and hesitated because you couldn't be sure what the merchandise would be like, let me tell...
Thanks for the responses gents. I actually wore it to work today with cotton cream trousers and have gotten lots of compliments so I guess we all made the right call. You're right that it is not a staple, but a fun twist on a navy blazer. DD
The sports jacket in question is navy with green pinstipes and green stitching around the button holes and pocket flaps. I didn't really think about what i was going to wear it with at the time I bought it and I am not liking a lot of the things I am putting with it. I thought i would ask for your thoughts. I have a light blue and white shirt that I am thinking I will wear with it. What are your thoughts? Many thanks in advance for your help. DD
Quote: Originally Posted by j That shirt is kind of borderline. What I meant by 'substantial' is the stiffness of the collar band and collar. With that shirt, you might be able to wear a lightweight tie like a cotton knit, but it won't support a heavy silk tie. I think that one is more intended to be worn open collar and without a tie. wmarson, I think J's points here are the most important to consider, the collar and the weight of the tie. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 In the eternal search for the "properly slim-fitting" RTW shirt, I cannot imagine why anyone well-informed would spend more than 100-or-so dollars on a RTW shirt, rather than just get a made-to-measure or bespoke shirt. Of course, maybe other peoples' time is more valuable than my own, but I need only five minutes to order more shirts from Jantzen, and I cannot imagine that MyTailor or Chan are more difficult. Even the...
Quote: Originally Posted by darkoak how much did he quote you for a job like that? $56.00
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