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This is POLO sportcoat is one of the original clothing that was made up in Lawerence MA. This jacket is the KEITH model. It's in a med. weight 13oz Brown Houndstooth pattern with an overplaid in Hunter/Burgundy. The other details are the flap patch pockets and the Half-belted back w/a shirred back. It has a center vent. It's in "mint" condition. I'm asking 150.00 since it's well kept vintage sportcoat and hardly been worn. Price is negotiable. I look forward to those...
SOLD!!! The one of the best shirtmaker out of Naples. This shirt is "Pre-Owned" and in Mint-Condition. Here are the details: Cutaway collar; 1-Btn Collar and Cuff; Blue/White Check; sz. 15.75 x 34 (sleeve). $20.00 + $2.00 shipping
Here is a great American luxury brand: ROBER TALBOTT sportshirt. Current 2008 season. Mint-Condition. Worn twice. Here are the details: Cutaway collar; 2-Btn collar & cuffs; Mint/Khaki stripe, sz. MED. $25.00 + $2.00 shipping.
SILK. All the knits are made in Italy.
Here are the classics!! The "Must-Have" in a gentlemen's wardrobe. This is the season to wardrobe knit ties into your attire. The width is 2.75" Here are 5-colors: BUTTER; LAVENDER; PORT; HUNTER GREEN; and DK. COCOA ALL KNITS ARE: $25.00 + $3.00 shipping.. PURCHASE ALL 5- $100.00
I know that RIZZOLI has published 2 publications the Esquire Men In Style which is hard to come by now. The asking price is around $300.00 and up. If anyone is looking for it maybe try Strandbooks in NYC. Call them and let them know your looking for the book Men In Style. If they can obtain a copy or purchased one from someone they'll call you. The other publication was a 3-Volume series called FASHION IN THE NEWS a rendition of APPAREL ARTS. It was published in...
The other night I was perusing through some of my vintage menswear magazines. As I was looking through the contents of the mags, I don't think personally any of the current magazines that call themselves menswear mags can hold a "thread" to those magazines of the bygone era of the 30's to the 50's. We all know the "best of the best" was APPAREL ARTS. I can't believe after 70's years this magazine is still one of the most sought after magazines. You can't find...
Here are some more bowties to add to the assortment of the Paisley patterns. This bowtie is in a woven silk from Italy. It's a small All-Over Square shape bowtie. These are elegant for dressing in a classic suit or with a smart looking blazer. Another "Must Have" for that bowtie aficionado. These 2-bowties are $25.00 + $3.00 shipping (L-R) col. 1 NAVY (2-unt) col. 2 WINE (2-unt)
Of course... I have some great bar stripes, dogs, and wool challis paisley. I haven't posted yet.
Greetings All- Here are 3-sample bowties. All handmade in NYC the printed silk is made in Italy from one of the oldest silk mills in COMO. A "MUST-HAVE" for any bowtie aficionado. All bowties: $35.00 + $3.00 shipping. 1. FIRE (1pc.) 2. LUCIA BLUE (1pc.) 3. KIWI (1pc) I know the pic may be a slight blurry. My apologies.
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