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Greetings: These are 2-MTM RT Estate Dress Shirts: (sz. 15.5x34) Classic-Body fit. The classic body fit is not a full-body nor a slim-body. SHIRT A: Club-Collar in a Med. Gingham Check of Blue/Cocoa Brn. w/ 2-Btn Cuff. SHIRT B: High-Wide Spread 2-Btn Collar in a Multi-Stripe of Orange/Sky Blue/Brown 2-Btn Cuff. Both shirts are "Brand New". Don't need them since I'm moving into a new positon. SHIRT A: ...
Woven 7-FOLD Paisley Tie. Very intricate and elegantly rich. The tie is in muted Lavender. W: 3 1/2 L:58 7-FOLD RETAILS: $245.00 NEW YEAR PRICE: $85.00 (FREE SHIPPING) Attachment 16373 Attachment 16374 Attachment 16375 Attachment 16376
Here is another "MUST HAVE". 7-FOLD Tie in a ROYALTY PURPLE. W: 3 1/2 L: 58 The retails at: $245.00 NEW YEAR PRICE: $85.00 (Free Shipping) Attachment 16370 FRONT Attachment 16371 TIE FOLDS Attachment 16372 BACK
PRICE REDUCTION!! ADDED ANOTHER COLOR!! Here is a "MUST-HAVE" in a gentlemen's wardrobe. This Robert Talbott 7-fold tie is an all hand-made tie w/o a lining. This is the way a 7-FOLD tie should be constructed. The silk is in a med. weight solid jaquard. The tie, ties a perfect knot and drapes nicely. The color of the solid is a Ceremonial Silver. 7-FOLD TIE RETAILS: $245.00 HAPPY NEW YEAR PRICE: $85.00 (Free Shipping) Attachment...
Yes, this is a what I would call a moderate spread collar. TK
SOLD This small Gingham check shirt by OXXFORD was their first group of shirts that were made in Italy before using their own manufacturer IAG. I believe this shirt was made in the factory where KITON shirts were being produced. The shirt is gentlemen cut. Not tapered nor full-cut. It has a moderate spread and FC. It has the stack MOP buttons. This shirt is in a NAVY/MED. BLUE check pattern. It's in "Wearable" condition. The price is $25.00 + $3.00 shipping. ...
NEW!!! PANTHERELLA OTC assorted patterns. Ribbed Solid; Pin-Dot; and Tear-drop Paisley. These are all O/S. The 3-pair are $30.00+$3.00 shipping fee. Attachment 16252 Colors: L-R BLACK; RUST; and NAVY Attachment 16253 Colors: L-R BLACK; RUST; and NAVY
This Tab-Collar LORENZINI dress shirt was a MTM shirt. One of the better shirt maker coming out of Italy. The shirt is a multi-stirpes of Blue/White/Black. It has FC and a long-point tab collar; and stack MOP buttons. The shirt is in "Mint" condition. Only worn couple times. The cost for this shirt is $25.00 + $3.00 shipping. MEASUREMENTS: NECK: 16 (41) SLEEVE: 34.5 (Can be shortend) Attachment 16250 Attachment 16251
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