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ALAN FLUSSER SAMPLE SALE ALAN FLUSSER CUSTOM NYC is having a sample sale at their NYC showroom on 3 East 48th St. (3rd Flr.) The sale begins on Mon. Oct. 11 and runs til Thurs. Oct. 14th. It's from 11am-5pm. It's cash or charge. All items are 60%-70%-off. Please inquire here if you would like to come by the showroom to preview the items. Pictures will follow for those of you who are not in the NYC/Tri-state area. If you have any further comments or...
HANDMADE NECKEAR: ALL IN THE DETAILS 1st.) OLD-GOLD SOLID in Steep Ottoman Twill Silk, hand-rolled bottom and Dbl-Face Silk stripe Tipping. 3.5" width and Wool/Cotton lining creates a great drape and knots nicely. 2nd.) WILD-OAT SPADES in Mogador (Silk/Cot.), w/ Dbl-Face Silk Stripe Tipping. 3.25" width. Same type of lining above. TIE SAMPLES: $35.00 ea. + FREE SHIPPING (Reg. $95.00-$110.00) Uploaded with...
Here are the last remaining pair of hosiery available. I only have a few. OTC RIBBED SOLIDS A-B: SOLID MERINO WOOL col. MAIZE, AVACADO C-D: SOLID COTTON col. MADDER, EBONY $12.50pr. + FREE SHIPPING (U.S. ONLY) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
An assortment of hosiery from the finest makers. We have collections from: MARCOLIANI, POLO, and GALLO. There in both OTC and Mid-CALF. 1st. Grp. MARCOLIANI (Mid-Calf) Fine Horizontal Stripe- col. Natural, Rose, Lucia Blue (AVAILABLE) 2nd Grp. MARCOLIANI (OTC) Small Houndstht- col. Taupe, Navy (ALL-SOLD) Dots- col. Tomato, Midnite (SOLD-OUT) 3rd Grp. POLO (OTC) Asst. Black, Butter,...
Great Assortment of "OLD-SCHOOL" Batwing bowties. Natty patterns and colors. GINGHAM CHECK: Bubble Gum, Purple LINEN PAISLEY: Lavender, Copper DOTS: Lemon-Lime ALL-OVER NEATS: Marigold, Avacado, Clematis ****** The Neat Bowtie (F) in Clematis should be (G) BOWTIES: $15.00 + Free Shipping Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Thanks everyone.... I did go to the U.S. Trademark site and received an update. It hasn't been assigned to anyone yet. So, all is still pending.
Does anyone know what is the timeframe for getting business name trademarked? I've submitted my company name to the U.S. Trademark office via the website. How lony will it take to get an answer regarding the name on my business.
An assorment of hosiery from the finest makers. We have collections from CORGI, MARCOLIANI, and PANTHERELLA. Mostly OTC with the exception of one pair from CORGI that's a Mid-Calf. Great colors and patterns. The Corgi hosiery is all Cotton, MARC. is Merino Wool, and the Pantherella is Fine-Lisle Cotton Please inquire if you have any questions regarding the items listed. ALL HOSIERY: $12.50 + Free Shipping Uploaded with...
BOTH MADRAS and GREEN GINGHAM BOWTIES-SOLD!! An elegant assorment of men's bowties. The classic "Bat-Wing" in Classic Gingham and Madras Fabrics. All fabrics are from T. Mason shirtings.. A great compliment to your seersucker, Navy linen Blazer, or with a pair of 501's. The best is the price: ALL BOWTIES: $18.00 + Free Shipping Be well, Tony Uploaded with ImageShack.us
SOLD Greetings To All, The weather may not warrant a pair of gloves in Heat and Humidity of Summer... But take a look at these gloves by DENTS: Ebony Deerskin Gloves w/ Royal Purple 2-Ply Cashmere Lining. Sz 8.5 Price: $90 + Free Shipping and Gift Boxed Reg. Retail: $205-$225 (Depending whose label on it) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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