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hey warlok fuck you the grateful dead sucks
nigga please i could care less about phat guido's pathetic ass. i'm not the one trying to show off how much money i have on an internet message board in a sad attempt at trying to get laid.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Some people like throwing around $ for ass. I know I do. Yeah well there's a difference between liking to and being required to because you can't get laid otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - Hmm. most pimps I know don't surface in the day time.. Figures you know a lot of pimps. I kind of assumed the only time you get laid is if you're paying.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido lol you think you're a pimp
Quote: Originally Posted by cshd I'm wearing a Hollister T-shirt right now .
boxer briefs with tight pants are the absolute worst. it's so annoying having to push them down and half the time you can see the outline of the bottom bunched up in the jeans.
the ones i wear on a regular basis (well the pair) go on the floor and the rest get folded and put in a dresser.
Quote: Originally Posted by cloudhands69 Ok I am mostly a sufu denizen so take all my critique with a grain of salt. 1. why do I care what kind of key lanyard or wallet or money clip you have in your pocket? Or what cologne you're wearing? you can't see any of this stuff. you come off as self indulgent. 2. how is your car part of your waywt? also, self indulgent. you should haul your entertainment center out to your driveway so you can give us the...
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