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Seems like they really jacked up the price on the stadium and leather jackets compared to last year.
Yeezy taught me well
Got this from Stuttguart after waiting a few months. More painful than waiting on a TOJ jacket
Greetings from Mars, still waiting on your jackets?
I always wondered the same. The photos on other retailers look terrible, but your photos and JE's website makes the denim look fantastic. How did everything else line up? The honey combs etc.?
Just picked this up
Not sure why people wear their shoes inside the house. I've been in some pretty grimey public washrooms and you wear those same shoes on your carpet? Never understood it.
Get the TOJ and invest the $4000 for BJ's once a week. After 80 weeks of BJ's, your jacket will arrive and you will feel good while waiting.
I agree. That's always been my rebuttal when people say Asians have a small penis. There's over 1 Billion Asian males, you would have to look at a lot of dicks to be able to conclude we are below average!
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