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Because Drew has said before the black lamb he gets is better than even high end designers like Rick Owen are willing to pay for.Having owned a variety of leathers from TOJ, I would say the Black Lamb is the best. Ironically I feel like my varsity jacket black lamb is better quality than my full leather jacket.
No, but there's clearly a time management issue.Running a restaurant is a 14-16 hours a day job, I have a few friends who own restaurants.
Come at me man, I'm used to it from TOJ threads. My jackets fit horrible when I first get it and it conforms over time.JE Villain hoodie is thin and will conform and stretch. I'm currently between sizes from a Medium to a Large. So if I go Large it's too big and a Medium will be snug but stretch. This is the problem when you have an athletic vertical drop, nothing off the rack fits perfect.So whatever, I know the fit isn't perfect now. Everyone who owns their product knows...
Compared to the models that the fashion industry uses? Yes and I got to a lot of fashion shows in NY and TOAnd this is completely off topic, but size does not define muscularity. It's how much weight you push relative to your body weight.
Well considering their model on their site is pretty muscular and fits tight in the clothes, perhaps that is the intended aesthetic. Unfortunately this isn't Superfuture where everyone is like 125lbs and 5"7.
I only do that for stolen kidneys
That's exactly why I didn't get the L on the hoodie. You're better off getting Medium and having it stretch over time.If my hoodies are too long in the sleeve and body, then I wouldn't be able to achieve the layered look.
You can look at my fit pics if you want an idea on the Medium. I'm about 5'10 but I'm 155 lbs.I do squats on a regular basis and they fit me quite tight.I think a Medium wouldn't look baggy on you right now and gives you a bit of room to grow.
I'm pretty sure they will restock. The time and effort to fly out to this small part of Japan, manage the production, and make a limited capsule release makes little sense. If it was a capsule release, the price would be much higher given the limited production and the MOQ they have secured.The reason why John Elliott hasn't officially said anything yet is for people like you, who think they might be missing out if they don't cop now.Think back on the Charcoal Clash crew,...
Yea I see where your'e coming from. I kinda went blind on the Silk tees as it was hard to see the comparison on a computer screen to see if it was worth double the price.But after seeing JE wear it in a video and I saw the slub and texture, I thought the difference was noticeable enough to pull the trigger.I think the dual zip looks better than the Villian due to the drawstrings though.
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