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Just picked this up
Not sure why people wear their shoes inside the house. I've been in some pretty grimey public washrooms and you wear those same shoes on your carpet? Never understood it.
Get the TOJ and invest the $4000 for BJ's once a week. After 80 weeks of BJ's, your jacket will arrive and you will feel good while waiting.
I agree. That's always been my rebuttal when people say Asians have a small penis. There's over 1 Billion Asian males, you would have to look at a lot of dicks to be able to conclude we are below average!
Well it looks like people are getting jackets on a weekly basis now, so you'll all have your jackets soon enough. I splurge at the cutoff because I have not seen anywhere else I can get this value proposition and this quality for MTM. I still have not found a replacement to get jackets like this. I do regret not getting a DR2013 in a whiskey calf. All I own are lambskin and in pretty much similar tones. I definitely wish my Steel Grey BCDR was a light grey which they...
Honestly you can't have too many grey tees. They have enough of a noticable difference to collect them all!I have the silk grey, but I want the co-mix too.Since the silk has more mainteance, would be nice to have an alternative where I won't care as much and throw it in the washing machine.
Photo is a little old, since then I've add more chub to my face and took more IT training courses
Thanks for posting pictures, they look great. How did the honey combs in the back line up for you? Honestly, I would exchange them. You sized down 3 when they recommend you size down 1-2 sizes. http://www.styleforum.net/t/343980/john-elliott-co-official-affiliate-thread/6900_50#post_7633782 The amount of stretching is determined by how much force is working against it. Generally, the waist stretches the most on any jean. The thighs which should be your biggest concern...
Like I said ktown, I ordered 2x BCDR within a week of each other. I got the jackets 1 year from each other. Who knows at this point how the production cycles work.
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