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They're a small scale business using Shopify with probably manual supply chain logistics.It's not like you place an order online, the order feeds to their procurement warehouse and some guy with a headphone with computer instructions directs him to the Aisle/Bin number on where to pick up the goods and he packs the items for shipment immediately.This is John Elliot, not Amazon
In my experience of shipping with Canada Post the past 15 years, I've probably only had that happen less than 3 times.You pay a handling fee of I believe $5.00 and HST on the goods. It's no different than ordering from Roden Gray a local Canadian retailer for example. You won't have to pay duties since the goods are made in the USA per the NAFTA agreement.At the end of the day, the selection and assortment is much better ordering from John Elliott versus another retailer,...
Post some pictures when you get them, I'm always curious as to how accurate the fades/whiskers/honeycombs look in person.John Elliot's site has the best pictures, but when I go to other retailers they don't seem to look nearly as good so I'm always curious.I'm going to hold off until they restock the Midnight Rue and get everything one shot.
Thanks for your insight. I'll take a look at the thigh measurements when I'm home with a tape, that's probably going to dictate my size the most. I'm a 30 in the graphite and it fits perfect pretty much.
Are the measurements correct on the The Cast/Coast denim? Your model is a 31" waist and wears a Size 30. The Size 30 according to the chart is a 34" waist, so he sized up 3 inches? The Size 31 is also a 34' waist, with the only difference is an extra 0.25" in the thigh and identical everywhere else If i am a true 32" waist, what size should I be wearing? A Size 31 to down size 1 like the model from tagged size?
Yea all the quilted pieces are old inventory, so you won't get a replacement item. It seemed to be a common issue on this forum for people having that issue. Then again, people only post about the issues here so that's isn't exactly truly accurate on the the defective rate on those items. Email them and see what they can do for you. Pictures would help as well.
You're taking what I said completely out of context. I've always said most brands on this forum is not "worth it".I buy what I want. I ate at Noma last summer for $500, was it worth it? Nope.Most things in life are not worth it, YOLO.And yes I would buy the Rue in Loopwheel and still say it wasn't it worth it
Those that own it, say its worth it. But that's also because they want to convince themselves it's worth it. If you got the money and you want it, get it. Most brands on this forum isn't really "worth it". We're buying premium basics at the end of the day. Another way to think about it, if you don't already own a few Escobars. The sweats come in direct contact with your skin, so you'll feel the softer premium fabric more. The hoodies I always wear a t-shirt underneath,...
Hmm going to pass today until the Clash and Coast denim drops and snag everything with the Rue hoodie. I would actually love to see the Rue hoodie in the loopwheel.
I know where you're coming from. I'm borderline able to fit well in the thighs, it is quite aggressive on the larger sizes. Fit is great from the knee down.I could use another 1" on the thigh.
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