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Everyone needs to relax, there is more than likely going to be a restock. Web exclusive is a way for John Elliott to rake in some cash. Typical markup from dead net cost is 230%. When John Elliott sells to a retailer, they need to sell it to them at wholesale cost and the retailer marks it up to 230% from DNC. So the profit margin for John Elliott to sell to retailers at wholesale price is significantly less than selling direct to you. Would not be surprised to see a...
Just got my fishtail crew neck from Revolve a few days ago. Those drawstrings in the back get in the way when you're trying to wipe your ass. The struggle is real
I was really hoping for a Denim sale on the last day, oh well. The Web Exclusive is pretty weak to cap off the sale. A sale is a sale, nonetheless. Smart gimmick to have a daily flash sale. Of course they won't combine your orders, it wouldn't surprise me if there is a bit of profit margin plan on the shipping costs. After all, most retailers take an average shipping cost and bump that up to cover their dead net from coast to coast. They average out taking a decent...
Scored this on Black Friday with 20% coupon code
You realize having an item that is 50% off and using a 20% discount code does not make an item 70% off right?Basic math brah, the secret to success
Oh btw, now here's a true Styleforum baller http://www.macanforum.com/forum/members/kiya.html
Back on track. Good luck to everyone, I'm sure a few more people will still get some jackets hopefully. Things ended up working out for me, got every jacket I ordered at cut off and that was about 5 in total I don't exactly think the type of harassment some of you guys are doing to Drew is conducive to you getting your jacket, but I digress
People posts all sorts of receipts, screenshots of purchases, etc. in that thread. It so happens mine was a Porsche, fail to see the problem unless you're jealous.Why can't I be a "brand whore" and my girlfriend isn't?I actually don't care much for brands, I just like well built German cars with a long racing heritage. I also expect cycwidit to join me some day in a 911.Now this thread is really derailed.
Don't forget Korean foreskin
Fine for a night, not for a life time. My current GF is not a brand whore, came from a small town of 700 people. Doesn't get more down to earth and wholesome than that.High maintenance only for a good time, not a long time. Usually stuck up and tons of issues.....Oh and any fashion bloggers, stay far away from.
New Posts  All Forums: