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Oh btw, now here's a true Styleforum baller http://www.macanforum.com/forum/members/kiya.html
Back on track. Good luck to everyone, I'm sure a few more people will still get some jackets hopefully. Things ended up working out for me, got every jacket I ordered at cut off and that was about 5 in total I don't exactly think the type of harassment some of you guys are doing to Drew is conducive to you getting your jacket, but I digress
People posts all sorts of receipts, screenshots of purchases, etc. in that thread. It so happens mine was a Porsche, fail to see the problem unless you're jealous.Why can't I be a "brand whore" and my girlfriend isn't?I actually don't care much for brands, I just like well built German cars with a long racing heritage. I also expect cycwidit to join me some day in a 911.Now this thread is really derailed.
Don't forget Korean foreskin
Fine for a night, not for a life time. My current GF is not a brand whore, came from a small town of 700 people. Doesn't get more down to earth and wholesome than that.High maintenance only for a good time, not a long time. Usually stuck up and tons of issues.....Oh and any fashion bloggers, stay far away from.
There should also be more consumer education on the various types of leather, which I felt was often lacking. We would get a product shot of like 10 leathers stacked in a fabric roll and we would have to use our own imagination to have an idea regarding the fabric. For example, I didn't know the yellow goat I got was actually aniline leather, which means it is completely unprotected. But yes, some unique offerings would be nice. I really miss the Blistered lamb. Could...
I'm pretty sure if you picked up a chick wearing a t-shirt with jeans, in a 1990's Honda Civic DX she might not care if you're a good man that treats her with respect and consideration.Some of the hottest chicks I've dated have zero self respect.
Just caught up a bunch of posts, pretty good lunch read. First off, really want to thank Charly and Dan. I feel fortunate for receiving every single one of my jackets. It looks like I really lucked out on this one.
Haven't checked in awhile. Excited to hear about the coup d'etat by Charly and Dan. Will definitely pick up more jackets in the future once they get things set up.
Seems like they really jacked up the price on the stadium and leather jackets compared to last year.
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