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Nope. I'm actually getting concerned at this point. I ordered 2x BCDR late June and 1st week of July. I got my first jacket in February. Asked for update and jacket was waiting shipment almost 3 months ago. Asked for follow up with Dan and haven't heard back since.
Yea you could be Michael Phelps
John Elliot, Looks like you updated your international shipping methods again, but something doesn't seem right. I'm from Canada, once I fill out my address you add taxes to my total. But here is where it doesn't make sense. When I choose USPS as a shipping option, you're still charging me taxes. When USPS crosses the border, it gets taken over by the country's local post office who then determines if the package should be charged taxes based on the consumer goods index...
Last time I went to an APC store, they did not offer PNS in raw black. Only in PS. Is that still the case?
Been meaning to pick up a few JE pieces, but I can't justify it right now with the exchange rate and for what I'm buying.Definitely like the sweats, u-necks, denim, and hoodies. I think it would look really good with a MDR
When I ordered my jackets, I was 145lbs. I asked Charly for some room for growth.I am now 155lbs. hope to hit 160-165lbs. when everything is said and done.Gaining weight is tough, especially good weight. So I guess it rarely pans out? When I first found out about TOJ I was 125lbs. Don't think I want to be at that weight my whole life.
Lately there seems to be too many complaints but not enough photos. Now that Toronto has started getting cold, I'm putting my jackets to good use. Still waiting for my last jacket, status update over 2 months ago was that it was awaiting shipment....something seems really off at this point. Last stroll in fall - Black Lamb MDR Toronto Fashion week - Jonathan Bernier, Grevis Vasquez, Property Brothers, Matthew Gallagher designer Back Stage - TOJ2013...
I've had the wrong colour combo varsity sent to me before, they remade it and sent a new one pretty quick.They've messed up one of my collars before too, I sent it back and they got that fixed.They'll take care of it.
At the deadline, I ordered these jackets:BCDR - 2 different onesTOJ 2013MDRThese were all ordered within a window of 2 weeks, yes I was broke for awhile.I received the MDR in 3 months time.I received the BCDR suede and TOJ 2013 at the exact same time, about 5-6 months after orderMy last BCDR has been on hold 16 months.
Well Charly just sent me an email to confirm my shipping address to Dan, so they are definitely reading this thread. Per Drew's update 4 days ago on John Coppidge, looks like a lot of boxes are ready to ship and missing information for a variety of reasons. I am actually kinda surprised they asked me for this information, as I have received 4 out of 5 orders at the deadline with zero issues. My last update said the jacket was produced and awaiting shipping. That was 2...
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