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I'm like just a week behind you. Finally decided to send an infamous update email, I haven't sent one in a long time.I still won't need this jacket for another 2 months, so as long as I get it before then I'm cool with it.
Is the contrast on the jeans the same as the online store?Whenever I see fit pictures, it never seems to look like the online store pictures. Just want to make sure those are accurate and the difference is due to camera phone pics versus a professional photo shoot.Thanks
Haven't posted here in awhile, my final jacket is around 44 weeks ago as well so I can share everyone's pain. But honestly at this point, with June on the horizon it really doesn't matter when it comes anymore since I can't wear it until September anyways. I really hope it comes before September...lol
Has anyone grown out of a jacket after wearing for a few years and decided to re-order the same jacket in a bigger size? My Brown A-2 Bomber is very tight now and to me seems like a staple. But hard to justify the wait and re-order for a bigger fit.
It seems to be a personal preference. I actually measure where the hand widens, not the wrist bone and people say the sleeves look too long when I found most seem too short.Granted on my last BCDR suede, it appears my cuff came out about an inch wider than what it was supposed to be which makes it seem longer.I'm not picky though, each jacket fits well enough after it's worn in.Now still waiting on my olive green BCDR with single diamond quilt, my most excited jacket.
Zero issues.The only thing that I don't think goes well with Asians is gold rimmed glasses and beige/camel coloured jackets.The person that worked at the Sunglass Hut actually got offended (white female) when I said I wasn't interested in gold frame sunglasses as if I was crazy...
That looks more like a worn crack house than a worn jacket
Invest in
I used to be in the modified car scene and almost every item I ordered from Japan always look much longer than I was quoted for. It's the reality for some consumer goods. I pay money, forget about it, and get excited when it arrives. Most people here have more clothes than what they know what to do with. It's not like you really need this jacket at this exact moment. Yea it sucks to wait, but it is what it is.
To chime in on the whole debate, When I placed my order back in June, I had already expected at least 6 months lead time given what we saw on the last hiatus. While it sounds logical to cap off monthly orders from a logical business perspective, this is not a normal business and they really don't have the resources to do so in this manner. Easier for them to funnel all the orders and book production respectively. Plus at the end of the day, people who have supported...
New Posts  All Forums: