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One time, I pressed a button that said "Do not press button"Bad things happened. Don't do it.
I'm at about 66 weeks on my last jacket. Oddly enough, I got my other 4 jackets within a very reasonable time.
I rotate between them all, but my go to jacket is still the A-2 and QDR.My black and yellow varsity was very susceptible to water droplets so I'm more careful with that one after learning my lesson. My grey goat I just wear out in the rain no issue, as it's dark enough to hide any imperfections.In retrospect, I have no regrets for the amount of money I dropped at the deadline. Every fall when I go to fashion shows and events, I see people rockin' similar jackets with...
Need to post some pics, finally TOJ weather here in Toronto. Still waiting on last jacket, I think last update I got a month ago was awaiting shipment.... Need that olive green BCDR single needle diamond quilt! In my mind, that is a good combo.
I wonder what the production run was like, it was already sold out in all of the Toronto locations except the Varsity and the jeans. Varsity actually looks like the best bang for the buck in terms of value and quality, the jeans were a huge miss. I passed on the varsity as I already own 6. The price point was just a little 50% of what JE normally charges, so you might as well buy the actual product for its quality and fit. Employees also said there will be no restock...
I'm like just a week behind you. Finally decided to send an infamous update email, I haven't sent one in a long time.I still won't need this jacket for another 2 months, so as long as I get it before then I'm cool with it.
Is the contrast on the jeans the same as the online store?Whenever I see fit pictures, it never seems to look like the online store pictures. Just want to make sure those are accurate and the difference is due to camera phone pics versus a professional photo shoot.Thanks
Haven't posted here in awhile, my final jacket is around 44 weeks ago as well so I can share everyone's pain. But honestly at this point, with June on the horizon it really doesn't matter when it comes anymore since I can't wear it until September anyways. I really hope it comes before September...lol
Has anyone grown out of a jacket after wearing for a few years and decided to re-order the same jacket in a bigger size? My Brown A-2 Bomber is very tight now and to me seems like a staple. But hard to justify the wait and re-order for a bigger fit.
New Posts  All Forums: