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Quote: Originally Posted by cascade Dear all, I've been in the market for a Navy suit. I'm semi-experienced with suits, having bought a off the rack brand name in the past as well as gone bespoke. Just my observations here. I was intrigued with the rave reviews here on TaT. What I gather from TaT is that TaT produces a certain "style" - a slimmer, looks as if it's slightly shrunk in the wash look. That's fine and okay because that's...
Any chance of madras shirts (long sleeve?) for summer? I know long sleeve defeats the purpose of madras but I can't bring myself to wear a short sleeve button down.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 That's great but it reminds me of that guy who found a pair of John Lobbs for a few bucks at a thrift store.... In what part of the world can you have a reception at a country club that costs $25 or 30 per person with food, drinks and entertainment? The middle of nowhere....Appomattox, VA. I may have overestimated the people (may have only been 75-100). This is also the place that land runs as little as...
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU Our wedding cost about $4k. Her family paid about $3.5k and mine paid $500. We got married at the age of 22. We had about 150 guests. It was a blast. This. To each his/her own, but I do not see the necessity of an expensive wedding. We had a very simple wedding. My father-in-law gave us $3,000 for the wedding. I believe we ended up paying a little bit out of pocket, but we had the reception at a...
This place never ceases to amaze me.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt +1. Come on guys. Why don't you post anymore? I always liked your fits.
Figured I would post this here first. Does anyone know where to find a "ban-lon" polo? Apparently it is one with a waistband and striped collar (see newest GQ for a picture). I was hoping to find one without paying the $125 Gant price tag! Thanks in advance.
No furry hat for me today...been a while since I last posted. And yes, those are deer antlers in the Christmas tree. Cardigan - Jcrew Shirt - Cottonwork Trousers - UO BDG Cords Shoes - AE Delray in Chili Calf
Price drop.
Price drop....
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