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Quote: Originally Posted by cascade Dear all, I've been in the market for a Navy suit. I'm semi-experienced with suits, having bought a off the rack brand name in the past as well as gone bespoke. Just my observations here. I was intrigued with the rave reviews here on TaT. What I gather from TaT is that TaT produces a certain "style" - a slimmer, looks as if it's slightly shrunk in the wash look. That's fine and okay because that's...
Any chance of madras shirts (long sleeve?) for summer? I know long sleeve defeats the purpose of madras but I can't bring myself to wear a short sleeve button down.
We have a joint account that our checks are direct deposited into and we each have a credit card, though the bill for both is paid from the joint account. We are pretty open with our spending and run most "large" (our definition of this is greater than $100...small timer stuff) purchacses by each other. I personally like the transparency of our finances. FWIW, we used to have separate checking accounts and little savings. With the combined account it is easier to...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 That's great but it reminds me of that guy who found a pair of John Lobbs for a few bucks at a thrift store.... In what part of the world can you have a reception at a country club that costs $25 or 30 per person with food, drinks and entertainment? The middle of nowhere....Appomattox, VA. I may have overestimated the people (may have only been 75-100). This is also the place that land runs as little as...
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU Our wedding cost about $4k. Her family paid about $3.5k and mine paid $500. We got married at the age of 22. We had about 150 guests. It was a blast. This. To each his/her own, but I do not see the necessity of an expensive wedding. We had a very simple wedding. My father-in-law gave us $3,000 for the wedding. I believe we ended up paying a little bit out of pocket, but we had the reception at a...
This place never ceases to amaze me.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt +1. Come on guys. Why don't you post anymore? I always liked your fits.
Figured I would post this here first. Does anyone know where to find a "ban-lon" polo? Apparently it is one with a waistband and striped collar (see newest GQ for a picture). I was hoping to find one without paying the $125 Gant price tag! Thanks in advance.
No furry hat for me today...been a while since I last posted. And yes, those are deer antlers in the Christmas tree. Cardigan - Jcrew Shirt - Cottonwork Trousers - UO BDG Cords Shoes - AE Delray in Chili Calf
Price drop.
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