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Everyone already knows this, but Mike and Adele run a top notch operation. They were a pleasure to deal with in my first purchase. Can't wait for the new madras and that navy millerain jacket sounds promising!
Mike. Sent you a pm about an Alden order.
Just the deets today SC: TaT Tweed PS: Kent Wang Tie: J Crew Shirt: Cottonwork
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hey guys! We're about 10 days out from our first Spring shirting delivery. In addition to our white & blue point collar oxfords, we've got five awesome Japanese patterned fabrics. Have a gander: Buffalo Madras Hunter/White Madras Cranberry Madras Red/Blue/Yellow Madras Shadow Dots Will these be button down collars? Or point?
NDW - thanks for the tie love...though it is a thrifted Burt Pulitzer not a Panta! 3 for 3 (posting pics away) Actually got a full shot today...looking at the full shot I think I will go with wider lapels on my next jacket (though I do enjoy slimmer lapels as well!) along with a little bit more length. Deets: Jacket - TaT Shirt - Cottonwork Trou - Incotex Tie - Howard Yount Shoes - Loake Chukkas PS - Kent Wang Closeup:
Gregaz....love all the fits. Can I ask what your tie width is on those? 3.25? TTO...killer look. Pands...I like the consistency in your fits. NDW....even without the square you are on point. Day 2...a new record for me! All you get today is the deets since I could not get a decent full shot with the sun down. Will try again tomorrow. Mirror needs cleaning....
Thanks for the comments. HF...I agree on the lapel width. I am starting to go a bit wider on my lapel widths, but love the pattern of this coat! I may eventually phase this one out, but it is great for casual wear. UC....Thanks. I agree that the flower is the definition of "affected." Nii....I have to get thanks to Phatty G on the collar roll. He helped me out quite a bit with the specs.
Happy Sunday! Since some regular posters have decided to step out for a while, thought I would give it another go. Early Spring weather look. Jacket - Jcrew PS - Kent Wang Flower - Mr. K Shirt - Cottonwork Pants - Jcrew Shoes - AE Delray in chili Dog - Yorkie named Penny PS - Gnatty I hate you for owning that bike!
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Deets on the chukka's and denim? Parker can correct me if I am wrong, but the chukkas are Sanders.
Mike, Any chance of getting some 7.5 in those Alden Snuff Suede Chukkas?
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