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Tonio, I hate you for having consistently good fits. That is all.
Any eta on those epaulet madras you posted a few pages back?
Jcrew has some great trunks this year. These in 7 inch are just about pefect, if not slightly longer than what you were looking for. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/s...1258/91258.jsp I have them now and I prefer the feel over my old Parke and Ronen, which only lasted me two seasons.
Mike, sent you a pm re: collar point lengths. Thanks.
Shoulders are noticably too wide. In fact, before I read your post it was the first thing I noticed. Not sure how much it would cost and like others have said if it is worth it. Keep in mind, most people will not notice. Is that the collar you have to wear with the suit as well? Perhaps a less drastic cutaway (though I do love a cutaway collar) would help hide the problem? BTW....can I get the details on that tie bar? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren see above for explanation Exactly...this coming from a married man as well. Just wanted to thank Mike for his great customer service today. I called in with a question about some shirts and he was more than helpful and extemely nice. Looking forward to supporting Epaulet for as long as I can (in order words until my wife cuts me off!)
Mike, Just saw that the Gant Blue Popover is sold out in small! Any chance for a restock in those? I was thinking about that or a madras shirt. Thanks.
Everyone already knows this, but Mike and Adele run a top notch operation. They were a pleasure to deal with in my first purchase. Can't wait for the new madras and that navy millerain jacket sounds promising!
Mike. Sent you a pm about an Alden order.
Just the deets today SC: TaT Tweed PS: Kent Wang Tie: J Crew Shirt: Cottonwork
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