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Quote: Originally Posted by Holstein Bilter Hi. Attachment 10796 I used to wear MUCH baggier stuff, that felt like a tent. This is actually as tight as I was willing to go (also because I'm fat and any tighter tailoring would accentuate that...I will reserve slim fit tailoring till I drop some LBs) Just wanted to share the work in progress. Here's what I have on: Borelli button shirt w/Dunhill cuffs Bvlgari Tie Coach Belt CK...
I am looking for a solid color knit tie in a light brown color, or something similar that would be versatile with multiple shirts (pink, blue, white, lilac, etc.) Also, a pair of slim fitting light grey dress pants for summer. I am a 32 (33 depending on the designer) and 30 in inseam. Thanks! A military shirt in slim medium or small would be great as well! Looking for a lighter color. And yes, I am constantly checking the B and S forums.
Are these your first suit purchases? The reason I ask is I don't want you to make the same mistake I did. I went suit happy, bought 3-4 in a few month time span and regretted it. Now I realize what I want in a suit, but it took some fucking up to figure it out. Just a bit of advice. It is yours to disregard!
http://www.parkeandronen.com/product...code=156&sub=2 I like these shorts, with the 4 inch inseam. Any other designers make these for comparable prices? I am looking around $50, and only the ones on sale here work. I love several pairs, but they are too big. How hard would it be to "tailor" them? I would feel kinda weird trying those on for the lady who does my clothes!
Bump - Make an offer on any and everything.
Bump - make me an offer. After this, ebay here I come!
Bump - Make me an offer. No price listed anymore. Thanks.
What would you recommend for the 200 to 250 range? I like that 60s inspired style, but lack some of the necessary cash flow. Any ideas?
Bump - price dropped
Mishon, What would be your recommendation for someone buying a suit and not wanting to spend over $200 for a suit? I know it is certainly not the best made suit. I try to get the best looking suit I can within my price range, which is limited at the moment. I would love to be able to afford some of the nicer and more expensive items on here. I have noticed though that a shirt/suit/pants etc that may not be the best made, still look good if they fit properly.
New Posts  All Forums: