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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday What were we moving from? Black?
My 2 dogs asleep on the sofa
Was this before or after she was for (before she was against) the bridge to nowhere? That is quite impressive what she did in your story, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by brissyboy That's alot of milk in that background vase Ha...its a candle or something.
I think the worst has been the liberal blogs. I don't think it has been a unified effort to smear her, though it has been some crappy reporting (imagine that!). I did find this story funny though. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0908/13143.html
http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpoi...hair_media.php From McCain's own National Co-Chair.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student No, none what so ever. Didn't think so.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Dude, how would we know that Michelle wasn't proud of America if she didn't say it while she was giving a speech while campaigning? I really couldn't care less what she thinks, BTW. Dammit! Way to poke a whole through my hypothetical situation. I personally don't care either, but I was curious to know if AF had a double standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by padronlover damn you look really young for a married man... At first I thought you said really "good" but I think young is a more appropriate description! I am 25 going on 16, though. At lease when I am 40 I'll look 30!
I chose Democrat social policy. I am voting for Obama mainly due to the way he handles himself, or more so because of how McCain handles himself and how it would relate to foreign policy. Personally, I prefer diplomacy with military action last. McCain seems to be too hot headed and ready to shoot from the hip for my tastes. Of course, I am not very happy with either choice, but such is politics.
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