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I like the look of a vest without the jacket, though I am probably in the minority. It is certainly not a "conservative" look. I also don't care for either of those 2. I like the ones at J. Crew, though I get them from the discount store.
I am new to the forum, but I still understand the value of SEARCH!!! Or the WAYWT thread. Holy shit, is it really this hard?
I have some of the parke and ronen trunks, the 4 inch, not the snap that are on that website. They fit great and look great. Wait for them to go on sale and you can get them really cheap (they usually have many sizes that make it on sale).
Do you have any pictures? That would help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holstein Bilter Hi. Attachment 10796 I used to wear MUCH baggier stuff, that felt like a tent. This is actually as tight as I was willing to go (also because I'm fat and any tighter tailoring would accentuate that...I will reserve slim fit tailoring till I drop some LBs) Just wanted to share the work in progress. Here's what I have on: Borelli button shirt w/Dunhill cuffs Bvlgari Tie Coach Belt CK...
I am looking for a solid color knit tie in a light brown color, or something similar that would be versatile with multiple shirts (pink, blue, white, lilac, etc.) Also, a pair of slim fitting light grey dress pants for summer. I am a 32 (33 depending on the designer) and 30 in inseam. Thanks! A military shirt in slim medium or small would be great as well! Looking for a lighter color. And yes, I am constantly checking the B and S forums.
Are these your first suit purchases? The reason I ask is I don't want you to make the same mistake I did. I went suit happy, bought 3-4 in a few month time span and regretted it. Now I realize what I want in a suit, but it took some fucking up to figure it out. Just a bit of advice. It is yours to disregard!
http://www.parkeandronen.com/product...code=156&sub=2 I like these shorts, with the 4 inch inseam. Any other designers make these for comparable prices? I am looking around $50, and only the ones on sale here work. I love several pairs, but they are too big. How hard would it be to "tailor" them? I would feel kinda weird trying those on for the lady who does my clothes!
Bump - Make an offer on any and everything.
Bump - make me an offer. After this, ebay here I come!
New Posts  All Forums: