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Are these your first suit purchases? The reason I ask is I don't want you to make the same mistake I did. I went suit happy, bought 3-4 in a few month time span and regretted it. Now I realize what I want in a suit, but it took some fucking up to figure it out. Just a bit of advice. It is yours to disregard!
http://www.parkeandronen.com/product...code=156&sub=2 I like these shorts, with the 4 inch inseam. Any other designers make these for comparable prices? I am looking around $50, and only the ones on sale here work. I love several pairs, but they are too big. How hard would it be to "tailor" them? I would feel kinda weird trying those on for the lady who does my clothes!
Bump - Make an offer on any and everything.
Bump - make me an offer. After this, ebay here I come!
Bump - Make me an offer. No price listed anymore. Thanks.
What would you recommend for the 200 to 250 range? I like that 60s inspired style, but lack some of the necessary cash flow. Any ideas?
Bump - price dropped
Mishon, What would be your recommendation for someone buying a suit and not wanting to spend over $200 for a suit? I know it is certainly not the best made suit. I try to get the best looking suit I can within my price range, which is limited at the moment. I would love to be able to afford some of the nicer and more expensive items on here. I have noticed though that a shirt/suit/pants etc that may not be the best made, still look good if they fit properly.
I just purchased a Kenneth Cole suit which is flat front and slim fitting. There is no break in the suit pants. They hit just at the shoe. What are your thoughts on this keeping in mind it is a slimmer fitting "modern" suit?
Gently Worn Men's Brown Tortoise shell (polarized) $40.00 shipped in CONUS. Paypal only, please. I know the picture is not the best. For some reason I am having trouble posting good ones here. Please send me a PM with your email address and I can forward a better one to you. These are great sunglasses, I just haven't worn them in months. Sold pending payment.
New Posts  All Forums: