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Pulled the trigger on the floral shirt. Hope the medium works and the wife doesn't "shop-block" me!
Thanks for the responses. Looks like I may get the floral after all!
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade So I received my first Epaulet shirt in the mail today. I went with a small, and while I dig the fit, it's a bit small in the chest and shoulder area (39" chest). Not enough to be a constant nuisance, but enough to make me consider sizing up to a medium, especially once I take into account the fact that smaller guys with good fits like RKD are taking a S in the shirt as well. Definitely concerned about the additional bit...
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Someone mentioned that a couple months ago, and the community here threw a spear in its neck pretty quickly. As you said, Epaulet's customer loyalty is already such that they don't need to do this. Plus, their clothing is priced pretty well already. - K And they give SF members free returns. Just be glad you are paying money for something that isn't crap. That should be incentive enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by rickyguo I was waiting for them to pop up online ;-; and bam, smalls gone while I was out. . Any plans for a restock on smalls? +1 Would be interested in a preorder if possible. I have to stop waiting on my kop!
Mike, hope you have a great Tuesday
In other shirt news, the floral has landed: See full size[/quote] Seriously....why is this shirt calling out to me?!?! For some reason I am drawn to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcard Just got a TaT of the buy and sell and am very impressed with every bit of it! Will definalty be contacting you jason for a new suit asap. What do you guys think of the fit in the shoulders?? should I alter, will the fabric fall with a press? or back to the buy and sell? thanks alot inadvance Sell. Shoulders look too big. Altering is very expensive for shoulders.
Tonio, I hate you for having consistently good fits. That is all.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI This. If you don't order within minutes of the email, thou art screwed. +100 When the fall/winter trousers came out the email hit at 12 noon. When I got home at 5:00pm to order my size was sold out of all but 1! Nearly missed it. Ordered within minutes this time.
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