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Do a search throught this thread for my posts/pics. I am 5'9 150 lbs. Most of mine are "house cuts" with some slight alterations. Also, check out Smahatma for some great fits. Not sure his specs but he is not a "big guy" from his fits.
Thanks for the info and spelling correction. It was a typo thanks to typing on a phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Most of those guys couldn't do a shoot if their life depended on it. The big problem with these types of wrestlers is that if they can't legitimately deliver a body drop to a wrestler like Cena, how are we supposed to believe that they could beat him in a match. What are defininng as "do a shoot?" For some reason this is not how I am remembering the term. BTW, great reading back through this...
Any chance for a restock on that shadow dot? Looks like it sold out faster than the original! Congrats. Great to see you guys do so well knowing you take pride and have passion in your product.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Yes, that's definitely in the works for September. Kent, any chance you would be willing to do a preorder for these based on the great response to the summer polos? I would def. be interested. Maybe just require payment up front?
Dang that shadowdot shirt is awesome! Should have kopped that one when it came out.
Pulled the trigger on the floral shirt. Hope the medium works and the wife doesn't "shop-block" me!
Thanks for the responses. Looks like I may get the floral after all!
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade So I received my first Epaulet shirt in the mail today. I went with a small, and while I dig the fit, it's a bit small in the chest and shoulder area (39" chest). Not enough to be a constant nuisance, but enough to make me consider sizing up to a medium, especially once I take into account the fact that smaller guys with good fits like RKD are taking a S in the shirt as well. Definitely concerned about the additional bit...
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Someone mentioned that a couple months ago, and the community here threw a spear in its neck pretty quickly. As you said, Epaulet's customer loyalty is already such that they don't need to do this. Plus, their clothing is priced pretty well already. - K And they give SF members free returns. Just be glad you are paying money for something that isn't crap. That should be incentive enough.
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