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Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Someone mentioned that a couple months ago, and the community here threw a spear in its neck pretty quickly. As you said, Epaulet's customer loyalty is already such that they don't need to do this. Plus, their clothing is priced pretty well already. - K And they give SF members free returns. Just be glad you are paying money for something that isn't crap. That should be incentive enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by rickyguo I was waiting for them to pop up online ;-; and bam, smalls gone while I was out. . Any plans for a restock on smalls? +1 Would be interested in a preorder if possible. I have to stop waiting on my kop!
Mike, hope you have a great Tuesday
In other shirt news, the floral has landed: See full size[/quote] Seriously....why is this shirt calling out to me?!?! For some reason I am drawn to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcard Just got a TaT of the buy and sell and am very impressed with every bit of it! Will definalty be contacting you jason for a new suit asap. What do you guys think of the fit in the shoulders?? should I alter, will the fabric fall with a press? or back to the buy and sell? thanks alot inadvance Sell. Shoulders look too big. Altering is very expensive for shoulders.
Tonio, I hate you for having consistently good fits. That is all.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI This. If you don't order within minutes of the email, thou art screwed. +100 When the fall/winter trousers came out the email hit at 12 noon. When I got home at 5:00pm to order my size was sold out of all but 1! Nearly missed it. Ordered within minutes this time.
Placed an order for tropical wool in dark grey. Now time to wait!
Any eta on those epaulet madras you posted a few pages back?
Jcrew has some great trunks this year. These in 7 inch are just about pefect, if not slightly longer than what you were looking for. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/s...1258/91258.jsp I have them now and I prefer the feel over my old Parke and Ronen, which only lasted me two seasons.
New Posts  All Forums: