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Sorry to all but these are now sold. Thanks so much for your interest.
Alden Indy for Jcrew 8.5d. Used but still has tons of life left. 180 shipped in CONUS. Owned for just under 1 year.
Mike, I do not see where this exact question has been asked, but I truly hate the new search funtion (so apologies if it has been asked!). What is the lapel width on the Grey Weller Jacket? I would be a size 36 if that matters. Also, will this be a true staple item that you will continue to restock (so long as the fabric is available?
Mike, Can you elaborate on the pindot shirt(s)? Is this Gitman or Epaulet line?
Mike, That patchwork tweed jacket is mind blowing! Will all your tweed jackets come with patch pockets and sueded elbow pathces (please say yes)! Now I just have to figure out how to justify buying that patchwork blazer. Enjoy your vacation.
Happy to hear about the upcoming fabric! Every time I see my tweed in my closet I hate that I have to wait at least another month before wearing it!
Do a search throught this thread for my posts/pics. I am 5'9 150 lbs. Most of mine are "house cuts" with some slight alterations. Also, check out Smahatma for some great fits. Not sure his specs but he is not a "big guy" from his fits.
Thanks for the info and spelling correction. It was a typo thanks to typing on a phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Most of those guys couldn't do a shoot if their life depended on it. The big problem with these types of wrestlers is that if they can't legitimately deliver a body drop to a wrestler like Cena, how are we supposed to believe that they could beat him in a match. What are defininng as "do a shoot?" For some reason this is not how I am remembering the term. BTW, great reading back through this...
Any chance for a restock on that shadow dot? Looks like it sold out faster than the original! Congrats. Great to see you guys do so well knowing you take pride and have passion in your product.
New Posts  All Forums: