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Wow! Pink chambray and DB navy look amazing. Will that DB be a staple piece or a one run like other jackets?
Someone mentioned wanting pics of epaulet shirts with a sportcoat. Melon cutaway shirt under a linen TaT.
While it would never happen, it would be awesome. You will at least have two Virginia customers!
For the shirt contest. Melon cutaway. I hope this mobile Photobucket works! FYI, that pretty lady is Peaches.
Mike, When will the competition end? Are you going to limit entries to one per person?
Mike, you just destroyed it with those coats. I love every one of them.
What is that shirt?
Mike....any update on the MTO option? Last post seems like it was back in August. Thanks.
Just got the pindot and it is amazing. I should get tons of wear out of this. Thanks for a great product, Mike and Adele!
Just received shipping confirmation on my flannel navy pindot shirt! Glad I was able to snag this before my size sold out. Hopefully the same luck will hold on the camel hair jacket. Mike....will your Southwick SCs become a permanent stock item?
New Posts  All Forums: