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Is it an issue to take the darts out of the shirts? Doesn't look to be but i wanted to check if anyone had done that.
Matt, what is the blue striped shirt?
Do you have any more of the air force flannel?
NYR Deets on those shorts? What's the inseam?
Mike I know you guys are crazy busy, but I have a question about the new DB navy jacket. Do you think it would work as a SC with grey flannel? Trying to determine if I buy the suit if I can break it apart for more wear. Thanks.
Mike How easy do you think it would be to wear the DB navy jacket as a true sportcoat? Like with some grey flannels or something?
Great shot. Makes me mad I missed that madras shirt.
Wow! Pink chambray and DB navy look amazing. Will that DB be a staple piece or a one run like other jackets?
Someone mentioned wanting pics of epaulet shirts with a sportcoat. Melon cutaway shirt under a linen TaT.
While it would never happen, it would be awesome. You will at least have two Virginia customers!
New Posts  All Forums: