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Has anyone had to size up on the Portugal shirts? I generally wear a small and remove the darts. Without the back pleat I feel the shirt is a bit snug under the arms when I reach forward. Do you think I should go to a medium and leave the darts in?
Can you explain the difference in the contemporary and slim fit sportcoat? As I look at measurements they appear the same for both in size 38 regular.
Sorry I didn't word my question very well. You will continue to offer sportcoats but not the same ones you are currently selling via pre-order. Correct?
Will the current jackets available for pre-order be a one time deal or will there be stock going forward into fall?
Mike, What type of denim washes will the shirts have? Button down collars as well?
How noticeable is flaw in person?
Did you increase the price?
What is the sleeve measurement?
Mike, can you expand on the new dartless EPNY shirts? How will other measurements stack up? Really interested in this.
Mike, Is the French blue a fabric that will continue to be available like the blue and olive or is this a one time type deal? Thanks!
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