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Mike, What type of denim washes will the shirts have? Button down collars as well?
How noticeable is flaw in person?
Did you increase the price?
What is the sleeve measurement?
Mike, can you expand on the new dartless EPNY shirts? How will other measurements stack up? Really interested in this.
Mike, Is the French blue a fabric that will continue to be available like the blue and olive or is this a one time type deal? Thanks!
Mike, How do you recommend sizing on the WWII pants? Same as Walts (I don't have Rivets to compare)? Can you give any info on pricing? Thanks! Looks awesome!
Mike Any idea on the Doyle pricing? Also have a question about size. I wear small without darts but 36 sportcoat is too snug in shoulders. What size Doyle do you recommend?
Now I know why the sportcoat bidding just exploded. Thanks.......I was sitting on that hoping no one would find it.
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