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Luckily with the XL the length is satisfactory. Only issue is the high buttoning point.
Gentlemen, I'm about to spend a considerable amount of money at Uniqlo and seek your advice. I'm thinking of getting 3-4 light weight unstructured jackets, however, I need to get an extra large for them to fit in the chest and arms. However, Uniqlo don't change their buttoning points for different sizes, thus the first button falls about 1.5" below my nipple line. Now I would never button these up, but do you think when worn open, they would look a little odd (not a...
Currently have a jacket at Looksmart getting the lining taken out. I find lined cotton jackets drape really awkwardly.In other news, were a few Aussie members walking along the Flinder st bridge at Southbank this afternoon? Main guy was wearing a navy check suit, navy tassel loafers, cornflower button down cutaway collar shirt. His two mates were in navy hopsack jackets, chinos, and black wingtips and suede loafers.
Gentlemen, I'm currently in Melbourne for the rest of the year and need a recommendation for a good tailor. I bought a very cheap cotton blazer and need the waist taken in slightly. Staying in Southbank and working on Burke, near Queen st. So any near there would be preferable. Cheers!
How'd you find their shipping charges?
If you decide to pull the trigger be sure to use the AU site and Google for discount codes. Never pay full price for CT
That's really interesting you say that because my initial thought was to create a "watch starter kit" and market it for those that have recently got a mid luxury watch such as a Speedmaster. The kit would include;1 x reclaimed Italian leather band1 x solid colour nylon nato1 x metal mesh bracelet1 x spring bar tool and band adjusterHowever the costs were a little high and the kit would have to sell for something like $100.
Leather* nato = $15Nylon nato = $7.95Spring bar tool = $5.95Shipping = $3.99Total = $32.89*PU Leather, not genuine calf leather.What I would be proposing would be:1 x genuine calf leather nato1 x ballistic nylon nato1 x two in one spring bar and band adjustment toolTotal = $30 incl. free shipping from Australia.Would just be selling it as a kit, not individual straps.
Hey guys, I'm thinking of developing a little start-up in the watch band space. I've been having a few chats with people who are unaware of nato straps / don't know how they work and am thinking of putting together a little "nato strap starter kit", that would include the following; 1 x leather nato strap 1 x ballistic nylon tri-colour nato strap 1 x spring bar pin removal and band adjustment tool I'm envisioning it would cost something around $30 with free...
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