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I have 5 CT shirts now. Not sure about the comparison to TM Lewin, but CT Slim Fit is quite large. I go for the Extra Slim Fits and get darts put in the back.For reference, my chest is 41 inches, waist 33 inches, arms 16.5 inches.EDIT - IGNORE THIS POST. Didn't realise you guys were talking about outerwear.
This jacket was $12..
Rob, when are SS doing a trunk show in Adelaide?
Would like to know the same. Was unable to post for 1 week. Post history doesn't show anything ban worthy?
Back from banned camp finally lol.
Anyone own a jacket or suit from Charles Tyrwhitt? Thinking of picking up an unstructured jacket for cheap but can't find many legit reviews.
I'm always 'mirin your fits. Deets on the pants?
Fellas, long time no post. This winter I'm going to dress a little more casually with sport coats and cords instead of full suits. I'm thinking of getting a windowpane navy jacket to mix things up similar to the pattern below. Yay or should I stick with a plain navy?
Cottonwork is the tits. Just ad .75cm to every measurement to allow for shrinking. Just ordered 2 linens from them.
TFW you get so good at picking out P.Johnson suits that you accost people in elevators asking if their digs are from PJ. To that guy in the ANZ building in Adelaide, sorry bro.
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