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im a true size 11 C and bought a 10.5. they fit perfect.
i looked at some meltonian shoe cream today in cordovan and it has a very violet looking color to it. would that be ok for the black cherrys? i was told by the cobbler at the store that any cream would darken leather. is that true? from what i have read on here, a cream lighter than the shoe should not darken it.
holt renfrew last call in vaughan. very limited sizing. i think i saw an 11 EE.
velvel, i didnt buy mine where you did. the stitching is under the thin lining inside the shoe. i have a hard time believing the stitching on both the insole and outsole are fake. what a waste of time that would be. but, since there is stitching that goes through the insole, doesn't that mean that a cobbler could blake stitch a new sole on when the time comes?
Quote: Originally Posted by velvel87 So i just went to the ferragamo outlet/American office in Secaucus, NJ and they told me that the lining was not truly functional. They said the sole itself was cemented and the center within the sole was stitched into the sole, but not connected to the leather of the shoe. I have no idea what this means...but, I just bought the same pair in a medium brown and mine DO have stitching in the insole? The...
Quote: Originally Posted by skunkworks Tarmac -- there's a thread in the Streetwear B&S forum with a link to an online store for sub $200 GTs. You may want to look in there.
i picked up some cordovan polish and it's covered up the gouge beautifully. there is still a small indent there, but the colour match is good. other questions - how often am i going to have to touch up the gouge? does the pigments from the polish eventually work into the leather over time? - does it make sense to polish these (or any shoes, for that matter) when new for some extra protection? - does anyone use the red wing suggested mink oil for waterproof...
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree durability doesn't mean that the leather doesn't scratch, it means the CONSTRUCTION of the boots is well done. what do you expect, leather made out of steel? soft leather is actually desirable in many leather products, including shoes, ya? fwiw i myself own the same boots, and have never had a problem with the leather scratching (although it does seem to attract dust fairly easily). other than using kiwi...
perhaps it was just a freak accident. although, i have no idea how it would have happened. time will tell how these hold up, i guess.
it's deep enough to take off part of the top layer and expose the oak coloured leather underneath. i hate to say it, but i'm extremely disappointed. i expected much more durability from these boots. guess i'll just have to find a polish to match the colour of the boots and go from there. is it a no-no to polish waterproof leather? i believe the GTs are waterproof.
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