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Extremely soft & supple lamb suede. Full-suede, matching belt with leather-covered buckle. Sleeve length: 36" (measured from center of upper back to end of sleeve) Overall length: 34.5" (measured from top of collar to bottom of jacket) Four exterior pockets on front. Half-lined, covering shoulder area. Sleeves are fully lined with rayon lining.
This AMAZING RALPH LAUREN BELT IS ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC. Genuine American alligator. Genuine sterling silver buckle and tip. Chocolate Brown. Marked size is 36". Made in ITALY. Width of the belt is 1" inch. The measurement from the buckle to the center hole is 36 3/4". There are 2 additional holes on either side, so it can be made larger or smaller. Total strap length measures 41.75" exclusive of buckle. The 1 1/8" version of this belt is $895 on the RALPH LAUREN...
Sort of a dark olive/brown suede. This shoe is in great shape and has a lot of life left in it. Great for rainy/snowy days when you don't want to damage your expensive leather shoes. They've only been worn perhaps 6-8 times, so the soles still have 90-95% left.
These English bench made monk strap shoes have had very little use. No scratches or scuff marks on the uppers. Will look like brand-new once polished. Still with the original heels and soles.
size 12D. These RL "croc mocs" retail for something like $1,295 - if you can still find them. The uppers are in great shape and have a LOT of life left in them, but they'll need to be re-soled fairly soon.
Asking $220 EACH. Both shoes are size 12D. The 2-tone black/white, brown/white PRL English benchmade shoes have had very little use. The black pair has a white suede inset and there are a couple superficial scuff marks that can easily be buffed out. The brown/white pair has a white leather upper.
These English, bench made monk strap shoes have had very little use. No scratches or scuff marks on the uppers. Will look like brand-new once polished. Original heels and soles.
Made to the absolute highest quality, it is 14k solid yellow gold and is quite substantial, weighing in at 5 grams. Cartier hallmark: "Cartier" engraved on the backside of the bar 14k hallmark Striped Design on front (small horizontal lines across front) 63mm by 3mm Spectacular and elegant workmanship Weight: Approx. 5 grams Vintage, Gently used Scratch free
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Jack - "worn 3 or 4 times" - because I got a new job and now work from home, so I rarely wear nice shoes anymore (very sad). PLUS, I own probably 50+ pairs of RL shoes. "Do they run small or narrow?" - if you've ever owned, or tried on, any RL English bench-made loafers, they fit pretty consistently (at least to me), so that should give you a good idea of the fit. I also have a wide foot & I own probably 6-8 versions of the RL English bench-made loafers, so they've...
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