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Anybody know where I can get this blazer for the price shown here?§ion=men& I would get this blazer but I'm afraid the Medium size would not fit me since my chest measures 34 inches. I could go for something similar but I don't want to have to put down 100+ for a casual blazer. Thanks!!
Gatsby ultra wax.
check out the videos here to see how well the products work.
GATSBY all the way baby, i 've tried different products for many years and I think gatsby will be my choice from now on. Basically there's the moving rubber series and the gatsby wax. There are about 10 different holds and I have all ten to sport any look I want anytime, anyday. You can't go wrong with this product. I usually get them at some Asian grocery store or
yes, i was actually this weight at 5' 7" a year ago with 15 percent body fat. this is not impossible.
You only weigh 126 pounds? I'm your height and weigh about 135 and my abs are almost showing... What is your body fat percentage????? You should aim around 9 percent if you want the abs to show. BTW, i run about 10-13 miles a week with a strict diet and 3 hours of taekwondo.
Gatsby Moving Rubber Series is good. I dont know what style you are going for but i recommend getting each color and experimenting with that before you find one that you would like to stick to. is a good place to look for them.
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