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Quote: F4iryder is absolutely right, a spoon of flaxseed oil can go a long way in a salad. Out of fish, nuts and other polyunsaturated fat-rich foods, Pacific herring has the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids [followed closely by salmon]. Flaxseed oil is also good for slowly curing annoying stretch marks, results of rapid weigh fluctuation. I heard olive oil is high in Omega-3s too. Is this true?
Quote: 148-150 cm is the width this fabric is 59/60" wide 165/175 is the weight in grams. These numbers are rather useless to the consumer. 120's or 170/2 have more meaning. This is the yarn size and not yarns per inch. HIgher the count, the finer the yarn Some mills finish better then others. 120's from Ferno are better then 140's from Japan. What's the difference, where N is some number: N's and N/2? Like, what do -'s and -/2 mean?
On Jantzen, for instance, in Fabrics, I see 100's, 110's, etc. Can anyone explain these?
I went to Brookes Brothers today to try on their "Slim Fit" line. (Didn't seem very slim to me, but I digress.) Anyway, the salesman measured me and said I was a 34" sleeve size. When I tried the shirt on, it seemed that the cuff pulled way too far (well over an inch) behind my wrist as a bent my arm. The salesman said it was fine, but it didn't seem right to me. He measured me with my arm hanging straight down. I was always under the impression that one was measured...
Thanks guys. I'll look into it.
Diesels are cool, but I've grown tired of "fake" tears, fading, etc. (especially those stress wrinkles in the front). I just want to trash my jeans myself these days. Don't they do just plain ol' dark blue/indigo, acid-type wash anymore? I never see this in department stores.
As mentioned in another post, I'm a newbie who's recently lost 30 lbs and has to buy a whole new wardrobe. Like the title asks, how do I know if a dress shirt fits right? Like, how do I know if the collar isn't too tight/loose? Etc.? I recently bought a Claiborne "Modern Fit" shirt in Medium. Seems OK but I want to be sure before I wash/wear it. Oh, and if you can recommend some good off-the-rack brands that sell fitted dress shirts (ones geared more toward nights out...
I'm new here, BTW. Hi. Anyway, I recently lost 30 lbs and have to buy a whole new wardrobe. I've always liked more-fitted T-shirts but haven't found any that feel right so far. My dimensions are near the "standard"--people have told me I'm pretty well-proportioned--except that my chest and shoulder blades are a little on the bigger side for my otherwise medium frame. So far, I've tried these: a) Hanes Beefy-T: size Medium fits well except for chest (too tight, producing...
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