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I'm new to this and don't know the "spots" yet. My New Standards are getting torn up in the crotch, and I want to patch/reinforce it. Anybody know of a good place to take 'em? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf The Fitzgerald it definitely more fitted than the Regent. It fitted me really well around the shoulders and the armhole is definitely higher than any OTR US-made jacket that I have worn. The waist is still pretty loose - I could get the fitted look I wanted by pulling the buttonhole about 2.5-3 inches past the button - disappointing in that respect. The 2 for $999 deal is interesting but I might have to drop...
I don't know much about leather. And it's gotta be under $1000. Thanks!
I don't know much about leather. And it's gotta be under $1000. Thanks!
Thanks guys. I went to Brooks in SF and bought the last Fitzgerald left in my size. Because of the sale they were having, I was able to get another suit for a $1 more. It's their "Regent" model, which is also a slimmer cut. They told me the Fitz was based on Brooks designs from the 60s. The Regent seems more like an English-style suit.
Thanks! Didn't notice the spelling....
Please help! I don't know much about this stuff. I only have a couple weeks. Something slim. Can spend up to $1000. The "Hickey" suits look good to me, though I don't know about the quality. I was also thinking about the "Fitzgerald" from Brooks Bros. They're having a 2 for $999 sale right now. Any other ideas? Also, where's a good place to get a suit between San Jose and San Francisco, CA? Thanks for your help, guys. -Dino
Hi, I just got some Corpus Fine's from Revolve, the "Fine-Spk" one. It says it's "raw," but that might just be the name of the wash, as it feels kinda soft to me. Does anybody know if these were already soaked? It says "Dry cleaning is recommended" so maybe they're not? Thanks.
Damn kiya, I like that. I'd pay the 90 if I had it right now. How long will you be keeping these in stock? I'll have an extra $90 in a month or so....
Hi I don't post here much, but was just wondering today. Where can I find a nice key ring like in the pic below. Something better than a carabiner that's small (so I can keep it on my keys) and that allows me to easily clip it on/off and that looks nice. Thanks!
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