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Anyone have measurements for the Urban Slim Fit? I seriously doubt these are true to size. Any size will do, as I can just extrapolate to my own. Thanks.
I went down a size (M->S) on the linen shirts in my neighborhood Jcrew store and they fit OK. The Mediums were huge and way too long. So I ordered some more Smalls online. The ones they sent, except for one, fit like regular Small shirts, and I had to take them back. Thank God the one that fit well was the one that was Final Sale. I noticed the discussion about the Officer's Chino. I tried on the army/greenish one for the first time yesterday in their San Francisco...
Quote: Originally Posted by acconrad i've heard great things about uniqlo and incotex. also, jcrew just released an "urban slim" fit which might solve your conundrum! I've seen the "urban" online but no stores near me seem to have it. I guess I gotta order to find out....
Yeah, either "regular" chinos or 5-pocket style. Good suggestions, guys. I thought of the 501 just before coming to this forum today. I even saw some khaki shrink-to-fits while walking through Macys. Levis are reasonably priced but, if I'm not mistaken, they start looking like crap after a short while. I'm willing to spend up to $150 or so. Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by everybodynobody ^ I was responding to the "Chino-like...
Cool. Good suggestions. I already saw the Epaulet and Krell offerings. Nothing in in my size.... Already have the N&F Slim Guy black denims in 31. I would guess I'd need the chino in the same size--the only one not available from Epaulet. Anybody have an N&F chino they could measure? There're measurements online, but they're conflicting and I don't trust them.
I'm having difficulty finding a nice chino-type pant as stated in the title. Any recommendations? Something under $150 would be nice. I tried the Jcrew lightweight chino but it's too baggy in the rear. The Naked and Famous chino pant looks pretty good but it doesn't seem like it's worth the almost $200 I see it going for.
You know, those ones you adjust by pulling? I see lots around in stores near me but they're cheap-looking and wear out quick.
Does anyone know if the Jcrew linen shirts shrink a little after washing? Thanks
Anyone know the difference between the SL-100x and the ST-100x? The ST-100x is referred to as "slim" but in fit pics it looks pretty similar to the SL.
Do New Standards all come in that 35-36" inseam length? Or are the smaller sizes shorter as well? Thanks
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