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After reading the content of this thread, I have the impression that the only type of cuffs that does not require links is barrel cuffs. Is that correct or incorrect?
Are you stylish for the sake of yourself, or for others? Would you still be stylish even if no one else cared? Or are you just stylish because it helps you to get more money and women and all the good things in life? What is your motivation for being stylish?
Quote: Originally Posted by AC7 Maybe someone has a good idea or two: I am trying to (a) look slightly skinnier (who isn't), but I also want to (and this might not be possible) (b) look slightly shorter. Not that I don't mind looking like a professional wrestler (unfortunately not one of the well-cut ones) generally, but sometimes it gets annoying being so visible. Come on, any ideas? IMO the best thing to do is address the problem and its...
What's with all the face palms? Is it because I am supposed to inherently know that button flies are awesome without needing to ask?
What is the point of button flies? They seem to be pretty popular on this site, but to me they seem counterproductive because with a button fly it will take much longer to urinate. Am I missing something about why button flies are good?
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter give 'em a little tip of the hat along with the "thanks", or keep it silent and give a little wink along with the brim bend/tip That's a good tip for women but what should I say to men who say "Nice hat!" to me, because I get quite a lot of that as well. I remember once reading a link posted on these forums about fedora etiquette and IIRC it said you must never tip your hat to another man.
Whenever I walk around with my fedora on, random strangers on the street are always telling me "Nice hat!" all the time. Often they will shout this at me from ~20 feet away. Sometimes women will say it to me after they have already passed me. I would like to know what the most stylish social response to being told "Nice hat!" is. Normally I just say "thank you" but that seems very cliche, and even worse, it doesn't help me keep in touch with the women who have...
Ha ha, pretty funny how Saks is contradicting their own previous statments as shown in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=105236
Thanks for the advice guys. I am still unclear as to if it is normal for a little fabric/thread ball resembling pilling to appear where the hole was, after a hole goes away from rubbing, or if there should be no such ball there when this happens? And with the ball there, what is the solution? Pumice stone/fabric shaver? Or is there a better way in this type of case?
I massaged the fabric and applied a bit of water. Now the hole doesn't appear visible but there is a tiny ball of fabric/thread puffed up in the exact spot where the hole used to be visible. Does that mean the shirt is damaged? I could in theory apply my pumice stone to the puffed up ball and see if that gets rid of it...but I'm hesitant to do that because I don't want to damage the shirt. I think I'd rather wait and decide if I wanna keep the shirt before...
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