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Quote: Originally Posted by Karo Age? Physique? I'm 28. Not quite thin and not quite fat. I'm 5'9 and weigh about 170lbs. My pants' waist size is 36. I look similar to the actor Michael Chiklis in terms of physique and face and head shape, but I'm a bit smaller than him.
I'll do the advice given so far. Budget for buying some clothes for me to look good is $1000 CAD. The only one thing I know about style so far is that fedoras from Biltmore are really good so I'm probably gonna buy one of these hats for wearing during this spring/summer. http://www.biltmorehats.com/cataloguesummer2008.htm Here's some specific questions about the hats in that link: 1. Which one of the hats in that link is the most stylish? 2. If you were...
Hello. I'm a total newbie to style. I don't know how to dress well at all. I'm completely ignorant about all aspects of dressing well. I realized it's time for me to start dressing well. Please teach me how to do that. I live in Toronto, Canada. I would like to know what exactly I can buy to dress well. Which clothing products I should buy, from which stores, that would make me look as good as possible. Please advise me on these things. Thank you.
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