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I'm glad you guys posted that it's crap because if you didn't post that then ignorant newbies like me who don't know anything about quality clothes might have read the original post and then got the wrong impression that it's good clothing being listed there. Please do indeed continue to be forthcoming on saying everything that is crap is crap, because some readers like me do not have pre-existing knowledge of anything being crap hence we need to be informed by having...
Quote: Originally Posted by Karo Age? Physique? I'm 28. Not quite thin and not quite fat. I'm 5'9 and weigh about 170lbs. My pants' waist size is 36. I look similar to the actor Michael Chiklis in terms of physique and face and head shape, but I'm a bit smaller than him.
I'll do the advice given so far. Budget for buying some clothes for me to look good is $1000 CAD. The only one thing I know about style so far is that fedoras from Biltmore are really good so I'm probably gonna buy one of these hats for wearing during this spring/summer. http://www.biltmorehats.com/cataloguesummer2008.htm Here's some specific questions about the hats in that link: 1. Which one of the hats in that link is the most stylish? 2. If you were...
Hello. I'm a total newbie to style. I don't know how to dress well at all. I'm completely ignorant about all aspects of dressing well. I realized it's time for me to start dressing well. Please teach me how to do that. I live in Toronto, Canada. I would like to know what exactly I can buy to dress well. Which clothing products I should buy, from which stores, that would make me look as good as possible. Please advise me on these things. Thank you.
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