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I apologize if this issue has been mentioned already. Whenever I go to my PMs page on the new sf, sf perpetually refreshes my web browser automatically. This makes it difficult to read PMs, and impossible to reply to PMs.
I too wear one anyway; I don't care if it's not mainstream. In fact, I always get told 'nice hat!' by legions of people every time I wear a fedora. That leads me to suspect that many others want to wear fedoras, but are afraid to do so because like you said, they are not "mainstream."
I'm confused by what the OP is saying. I did some preliminary research about Communications careers because I am considering eventually entering that field. What I found said that Communications is a need that every organization has, and hence there are many employment opportunities for those with education in Communications. Is that information wrong? Or are the OP's complaints against his Communications degree wrong? Based on what I know, (which is admittedly...
Non-consensual tipping, such as described in the OP, should be outlawed because it is extortion. The pejorative thread title which calls people dirty names for objecting to being extorted is ridiculous. IMO the thread title alone qualifies this as a DT.
Things like "polyester", "fused suits," and Made in China" are taboo, because they are crap. There are good reasons for such "groupthink."Lots of crap is "acceptable" to lots of people in the "real world," but popular acceptance of such crap as justification for it being fine does not follow.
The article linked to above seems to have a somewhat contrary message to those of the articles linked to in the OP.The article linked to above seems to say that grad school will make a student more employable than if he/she has only a BA.Is that not a good reason why going to grad school may be worthy of consideration?What is the response of those who say "Don't go to Grad school," to the idea that because "the MA is the new BA," going to grad school is good?
I have a question that is supplmentary to the OP's: If cotton is so cheap, then why do clothing makers ever bother to put garbage materials like polyester into clothing?
When I take my good clothes to a high-end drycleaner, their opinion is that dark shirts made of cotton should be drycleaned instead of washed, because if they are washed, the color is going to worsen. Is that opinion a correct one? Would you advise to dryclean dark shirts made of cotton, or wash them?
So the purpose of this thread is for the OP to convince us that Moore's is good now? I say that's false. Moore's is crap and always will be crap. I bought about 6 pairs of socks from Moore's once and every single pair of them was full of holes after the very first wash. I'll stick to eBAY and sf til some real news of "where Canadians can shop" surfaces.
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